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The Mindful Schools team has used a unique combination of mindfulness and Silicon Valley product management principles to bring mindfulness to a large number of children and adults at very low cost, maintaining a high quality standard and measuring our impact through research.

Testimonials from Selected Funders

“We are inspired by the work of Mindful Schools and the positive learning environment that is being nurtured in classrooms. It is wonderful to see children building internal skills that they will take with them throughout their lives. As a Mindful Schools funder, we have been delighted with the diverse and balanced skills of the team, as well as their ability to consistently deliver powerful results at very low cost.”
— Joanie Kriens, President, 1440 Foundation

“Every day seems to bring new research evidence for the physical and mental health benefits of mindfulness practice, but few studies have examined mindfulness specifically in schools. Mindful Schools is a leader in the field, and we have been impressed by the thoroughness and ingenuity of their approach to program evaluation. On a relatively modest budget, Mindful Schools has carried out scientifically-rigorous elementary school research on the largest scale yet.”
— Ken Doane, Senior Program Officer, S.H. Cowell Foundation

“The Julia Burke Foundation is proud to be in partnership with Mindful Schools. One of The Foundation’s basic objectives is to promote human welfare, coupled with promoting effective and substantive changes in the world. Mindful Schools not only teaches effective changes in the participants, but the lessons learned will affect generations to come.”
— Joy Johnson, Executive Director, The Julia Burke Foundation

“Research is just catching up with what the world’s contemplative traditions have long known: what we pay attention to changes us. Our foundation routinely looks for ways a pivotal grant can advance the practice of inner silent awareness to improve lives and communities. In Mindful Schools, we recognized a program carefully crafted – with intelligence, strategy, and authenticity – to help kids, teachers, and schools do their best work, cultivating humanity and compassion in the process.”
— Martha Bolinger, Director, Trust for the Meditation Process

For More Information

We believe that the best way to build a strong funding partnership is through transparency and clear communication. If you are interested in supporting our work, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you to share details about our strategy, business model, programs, and research. We can also arrange for you to see our in-school program or attend our adult courses.

Please contact Randy Fernando, our Executive Director, to learn more, to get a copy of our latest Annual Report, or to arrange a meeting.

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