Just Five Minutes a Day

Starting a mindfulness practice in my school was a foreign idea. We began with 5 minutes a day. This culminated into a TEDx talk about global citizens.

More Time in My Day: A Teen’s Insight

This teen says mindfulness helps him find time for everything he needs to do---homework, school, sports---and he still has time for Minecraft!
Cindy sits in a circle with students.

Clap Your Way to Mindful Focus

Children and teachers learn to focus by clapping and singing clever patterns, laughing through their inevitable mistakes.
A boy is crying in front of a grave that says Santa Claus

How to Really Help a Child “Calm Down!”

How often have you said to your student or your child, "Just calm down!" Wise tips on self-regulation, for ourselves, then our kids.

Mindfulness is COOL!

When a performing arts class starts with mindfulness, this fifth grader in Melbourne, Australia comes to the practice fresh every time.