Kindness Cards Art Activity

Help your students connect with the experience of generosity and kindness with this fun art activity designed to spread good will at home or at school.

Spark Joy with This Art Project

Try this fun art activity to spark joy in your classroom, offered from one of our Mindful Schools grads.

Create A Kindness Calendar

These Middle School students made a kindness calendar and spread the word with daily, school-wide announcements. Encourage a kind action each day!

Gratitude Rocks!

“Gratitude rocks” provide a creative activity to introduce a gratitude lesson in your classroom. Try this as an individual or group project.

“Gratitude Wheel” Art Project

Here's a simple art project to spark creativity around expressing gratitude for K-12 students. Nurture and explore feelings of gratitude and connection.

Just Five Minutes a Day

Starting a mindfulness practice in my school was a foreign idea. We began with 5 minutes a day. This culminated into a TEDx talk about global citizens.

More Time in My Day: A Teen’s Insight

This teen says mindfulness helps him find time for everything he needs to do---homework, school, sports---and he still has time for Minecraft!