Ways to Help

Thank you so much for your time and interest in supporting our work! Your contributions can greatly amplify the work of our small, hard working team. Here are a few easy ways to help us in our mission to bring mindfulness to more youth.

Job openings

Course Admissions Specialist: We’re looking for someone with fantastic interpersonal skills who can mindfully work in a high volume, fast-paced, and fun environment to join our Course Admissions team.

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Marketing Manager: This new role will help us price, position and bring innovative products and programs to a network of educators integrating mindfulness into their work with young people around the country.

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Donate at no cost to you

At no cost to you, Amazon will donate a small percentage of any Amazon purchase you, your family, or your friends make to Mindful Schools. Simply use this link when shopping (and bookmark it for future use).

Introduce foundations and donors

The best way to build deep and meaningful partnerships with foundations and individual donors is through an introduction from someone like you who cares deeply about our mission. Please connect them to our Executive Director Randy Fernando (randy@mindfulschools.org).

Make a personal donation

Your support helps us provide scholarships for educators, social workers, psychologists, and parents who are poised to make a positive impact on Mindfulness in Education.

Spread the word

Download our 1-page overview sheet to share with friends and colleagues.

Refer others to MindfulSchools.org, Facebook, Twitter, and relevant courses.

Join our mailing list, and forward newsletters to interested colleagues.

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Join our volunteer e-mail list

When we need volunteer assistance, you will see a request via email. If your interests and expertise match the request, respond to the email to start helping out. If at any time you need to leave our volunteer pool, simply click the opt-out link on the email.