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We have trained educators at over 300 schools and organizations worldwide.

Our “Train Your School” Group Registration Program

Because we believe deeply in the value of mindfulness for youth, we are eager to encourage districts and schools to implement mindfulness training for their staff.

We consistently find that people are more successful learning and teaching mindfulness when they are able to share ideas and get support in groups. Then as interest builds, other community members may be inspired to get trained, further integrating mindfulness school-wide.

To facilitate this growth, we offer group rates and need-based scholarships for educational organizations that train 3 or more of their staff. These group rates apply to our Mindfulness Fundamentals, Curriculum Training and Year Long Certification courses.

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If you are interesting in bringing mindfulness to your school, here are some resources that might help you begin the conversation with stakeholders:

About Our Courses

We offer a two-step approach to getting mindfulness at your school.
Both steps are online courses, so they are available to schools around the world.

School staff take Mindfulness Fundamentals (6-Week Online Course)

  • Embodying mindfulness is critical for teaching it effectively
  • Help staff with their own self-care
  • Reduce stress, increase patience and coping skills
  • Cultivate empathy and strengthen relationships

School staff take our Curriculum Training (12-Hour Online Course)

  • Learn proven techniques used with 100,000+ students to improve behavior
  • Instructors with extensive experience teaching mindfulness in classrooms
  • Demonstrations and practice teaching mindfulness
  • A plan for integrating mindfulness to help with classroom management

For additional customized school training after taking Steps 1 and 2, please contact us.

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School Program Testimonials

Testimonials Featuring children and the following educators:

More Testimonials from Educators:

"I really think mindfulness has helped with math anxiety. The room feels calmer and quieter during the tests and the students scores have improved"
- 4th grade teacher

"The real value of this program is in how it empowers children. Not only do they grow in self-awareness, but they learn strategies for dealing with the daily stresses of school, playground, etc.”
- 1st grade teacher

"I do not get angry as quickly. I do some breathing exercises. My tone of voice is a lot lower."
- 3rd grade teacher

More Testimonials from Children:

"If I am not in control of myself, then my body takes control over me." - 7th grader

"I have used mindfulness when I went to the dentist and when I learn new things." - 2nd grader

My favorite thing about mindfulness is that you can calm yourself down on a test and help you pass a test.” - 3rd grader

One time I was in an argument with my parents, then later when I went to my room I use Mindfulness to calm me down.”- 7th grader

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