August 2010 Newsletter

Mindful Schools Newsletter – August 2010

Mindful Schools Newsletter – August 2010

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New Level 1 and Level 2 Adult Trainings Available

As summer comes to a close, don’t miss our exciting training lineup!
Our goal is to help you build up a solid mindfulness practice of your own so you can confidently use our curriculum with children in your life.

For more information, please visit our Upcoming Events page.

Computer and Office Equipment Needed for Our New Office

We are thrilled to announce that we have rented two small rooms in a wonderful home-style office building at 1944 Embarcadero East, Oakland CA 94606.
As we move in, we would be grateful for any equipment donations.
In particular, we are looking for:

  • LCD screens
  • Desktop systems and laptops with the following system specs:

    • Any processor from the last 5 years or so (dual-core would be nice)
    • 2 GB RAM or higher
    • 20 GB hard disk or higher (two large [200 GB+] hard disks would be great, for a server and backup).
    • Microsoft Office would be a huge plus
    • Graphics card that supports dual-output (performance doesn’t matter) [desktop only]
    • Keyboard + mouse + power cable
    • Wireless capability

  • Phones
  • Whiteboards

Please email us if you have a contribution. Better equipment is of course ideal, but we understand that donated systems are likely to be relatively old.

We are very grateful to Lou Giampa, a commercial real estate broker whose volunteer efforts led us to this amazing office space.

Looking for Free Spaces to Host Trainings

We are looking for free spaces around the Bay Area (particularly in Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, Marin)
that could host small groups (approximately 20 to 50 people) for our Mindfulness Fundamentals and Curriculum Training courses.

The Mindfulness Fundamentals course runs for six weeks, two hours a week.
The Curriculum Training course runs either for eight weeks, two hours a week, or as two full days in one weekend.
We have no special requirements for the spaces themselves, other than being clean and quiet.

Please contact Kate Janke with any leads.

Want Mindful Schools at Your School Next Year?

Summer is a great time to meet with us if you’d like to get Mindful Schools at your school in the upcoming school year.
Please visit our “Help Your School” page
to learn more about how to educate your school community about mindfulness in education.
Please send inquiries to Megan Cowan (

Want to Participate in an East Coast Curriculum Training?

We have received a number of requests for a curriculum training weekend course on the East Coast this fall.
If you or people you know have a mindfulness practice and would like to be trained in the Mindful Schools curriculum,
please email us with the following information:

  • Your organization’s name
  • How many people from your organization would attend
  • Your location
  • How far you would be willing to travel to the training
  • What age group of children you want to teach
  • Any particular weekend(s) that would NOT work for you
  • Whether you can act as a local coordinator (finding a venue, coordinating logistics for the day itself)

New Web Site Front Page

Please take a look at our new web site front page, which simplifes navigation by providing direct access to key items.
The “Mindful Schools In-Class Instruction” video is now conveniently embedded as well.

If you have comments or suggestions, please let us know.
More improvements are always coming!

Have an Idea for a Mindful Schools Logo?

We would like to have a logo to represent Mindful Schools alongside the Mindful Schools name, and we’re hoping you or someone you know
might had a great idea for it.

Please send logo submissions to

HR, Legal, and Accounting Volunteers Needed Urgently

We are looking for folks who can help us in the following key areas:

  • Human Resources: experience with setting up benefits, payroll, and similar areas.
  • Legal: advice on forms, legal protections, and insurance.
  • Accounting: knowledge of best accounting practices

If you are interested, or want to refer a friend, email
Our team is kind, thoughtful, and dedicated to improving education through mindfulness.

Success Stories: Mindful Schools in Action

“Mindfulness opens the mind to noticing, without judgment, how you feel, think, and interact with the world.
My students have become grounded in a way I have never seen before.
Their empathy for each other, kindness toward their world, and ability to focus is rarely seen in kindergarteners;
but as we continue our mindful practice, these qualities grow more and more concrete.”

    – Renee Harris, Kingerdarten Teacher

“I loved how explicit and succinct the curriculum is. It is a great reference tool for lesson planning.
I appreciate the modifications for grade levels. Thank you for introducing this beautiful new skill into my life as an educator.”

    – Rachel Williams, Elementary School Teacher

“My husband and I had been having behavioral problems with my son in his kindergarten class.
We tried everything from taking toys away to punishment and privileges being revoked.
Then all of a sudden we stopped receiving calls from my son’s teacher.
We asked our son, “What is helping you with this great new attitude? He replied, ‘It is breathing.'”

    – Parent

Would You Like to Help Us? Volunteer Opportunities!

If you would like to help make a huge difference in children’s lives while working with an exceptional team, Mindful Schools has volunteer opportunities in the following areas:

  • Legal counsel and document review
  • Accounting (CPA)
  • Grant research
  • Grant writing
  • Government grants: research and writing
  • Copyediting
  • Marketing
  • Event organization
  • Do you have any connections in foundations that might be a good fit for our work? Your introduction or suggestions could make a difference!

If you can help us in these areas we would love to hear from you.
Please contact us at:

Mindful Schools is a community outreach program of

Park Day School, a 501(c)3 public non-profit organization.

Contributions are tax-deductible to the amount allowable by law.

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