October 2010 Newsletter

Mindful Schools News: more trainings, new web site, family foundations, and more…

Mindful Schools Newsletter – October 2010

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Success stories: Mindful Schools in action

“I wanted to just tell you that the mindfulness practice has been a HUGELY positive experience for [my daughter] in 5th grade this year
and I am so happy you found and incorporated this into the curriculum. She struggles with managing anxiety, and this morning we were talking
about it and she said she liked mindfulness because, in her words, “it calms me down for the rest of the day.” And that is so true. It has become an important part of the day for her. “

    – Parent at the University School of Nashville, where we gave a school-wide training

“I couldn’t believe my ears. At a birthday party of 2nd graders this weekend, when things
were getting pretty wild, the birthday girl declared that things were getting out of hand
and she asked that her friends all sit and practice mindfulness to calm down. They did

    – Parent

“It feels so good. I need to teach it to my sister in high school because she is stressed
out all the time.”

    – First Grader

Check out the new Mindful Schools web site

We’ve redesigned our web site
to more easily share all the information we have for you.
We’ve also added a blog, so check back regularly to see what’s new!
We’ve started with the implications of teaching mindfulness directly versus indirectly.

We are extremely grateful to our wonderful web designer,
Anna Bullard of dotgal design,
for her volunteering efforts in creating the site. We hope you’ll take a few moments to look around.

The site also includes an improved Get Involved page,
where you can find our program brochure and training fliers in one convenient location. We would be grateful if you could help us distribute these
(eletronically or in print) to people you think could benefit from them.

Please send any comments or suggestions to webmaster@mindfulschools.org.

New adult trainings on both coasts

We’ve lined up a bunch of new training events for the Fall and early 2011. Even if you’ve already attended, please spread the word to friends and colleagues who could benefit.

For more information, please visit our new Adult Training page.

Mindful Schools comes to Silicon Valley

Because we have received numerous requests to offer training in the South Bay Area, we are planning a Mindfulness Fundamentals training in Spring 2011.
This course will be taught by Randy Fernando, our Executive Director of Operations.

Randy worked at NVIDIA Corporation for 7 years prior to joining Mindful Schools, and has a background in computer graphics. He will bring a uniquely practical perspective,
with an emphasis on applying mindfulness to the demanding Silicon Valley lifestyle.

If you’d like to participate, or if you know others who would (including educators and people working at companies), please email
with your date and time preferences (month/week night or weekend) so that we can notify you when the venue and date are set.

Mindful Schools finishes separation from Park Day School

After 3 years as a Community Outeach Program of Park Day School,
Mindful Schools is now formally an independent non-profit organization.
We are grateful to Park Day School’s staff and board members (and particularly Tom Little, the school’s Director) for their support of our work since 2007.

Family foundations are a great match for Mindful Schools

We have been fortunate to be approached by multiple family foundations, whose missions often match closely with the work we’re doing in education.
If you know of a family foundation that might be interested in supporting us, please email Laurie Grossman

Computer and office equipment needed for our new office

We would be grateful for donations of office equipment. In particular, we are looking for:

  • LCD screens
  • Desktop systems with the following system specs:

    • Any processor from the last 5 years or so (dual-core would be nice)
    • 2 GB RAM or higher
    • 20 GB hard disk or higher (two large [200 GB+] hard disks would be great, for a server and backup).
    • Microsoft Office would be a huge plus
    • Graphics card that supports dual-output (performance doesn’t matter)
    • Keyboard + mouse + power cable
    • Wireless capability

  • Adjustable chairs
  • Phones
  • Whiteboards

Please email us if you have a contribution. Better equipment is of course ideal, but we understand that donated systems are likely to be relatively old.

Looking for free spaces to host trainings

We are looking for free spaces that could host small groups (approximately 20 to 50 people) for our Mindfulness Fundamentals and Curriculum Training courses.

The Mindfulness Fundamentals course runs for six weeks, two hours a week.
The Curriculum Training course runs either for eight weeks, two hours a week, or as two full days in one weekend.
We have no special requirements for the spaces themselves, other than being clean and quiet.

Please contact Kate Janke with any leads.

Have an idea for a Mindful Schools logo?

We would like to have a logo to represent Mindful Schools alongside the Mindful Schools name, and we’re hoping you or someone you know
might had a great idea for it.

Please send logo submissions to info@mindfulschools.org.

The mission of Mindful Schools is to transform education through mindfulness.

We achieve this by offering in-class instruction, professional training,
and other resources to support mindfulness in education.



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