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  • Training and conference report and announcements
  • New course format and design, accessible on mobile
  • Refreshed web pages – homepage, course pages, ways to help
  • We’re hiring a Training Coordinator at Mindful Schools!
  • Community & faculty spotlight, research & learning resources


  • Upcoming in-person Curriculum Training in NYC
  • We have a new team member at Mindful Schools!
  • Now training adults in all 50 U.S. states
  • Students and their mindful coloring books


  • Getting Started with Mindful Schools
  • Upcoming Courses: Mindfulness Fundamentals starts August 1
  • FY2014 Wrap Report: Let’s do the numbers …
  • Learning Resources: Podcast, FAQ page, and multimedia, oh my!
  • Community, Articles & Events


  • Megan Cowan at The Nueva School Innovative Learning Conference
  • ‘Room to Breathe’ Documentary Available on iTunes
  • Course Graduate JG Larochette on Katie Couric Show
  • Parent-teacher Letter from Sivie Suckerman, WA


  • Growing Awareness: Nashville Schools Bring Mindfulness into the Classroom
  • Program Director Chris McKenna: ‘Taking Tension Out of Attention’
  • Senior Trainer Vinny Ferraro: ‘What Gets in the Way of Love?’
  • Graduate Spotlight: Video featuring Course Graduate Sarah Waxman


  • Our Mission and Vision
  • Upcoming Classes
  • Graduate Spotlight: Joanie, Year-Long Certification Participant
  • Peter Dominick interview with Megan Cowan


  • Year-Long Certification Certified Instructor Directory
  • Job Openings
  • Online Curriculum Training Improvements
  • Sample In-Class Teaching Video
  • Room to Breathe DVD
  • Scholarship Funds for Local School Groups


  • Year-Long Certification Updates
  • New Curriculum Training Features
  • Group Rates
  • Wisdom 2.0 Conference
  • Bridging Hearts & Minds Conference

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