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20140321_182034_crop2‘I have to tell you HOW MUCH I am getting out of Mindfulness Fundamentals. I am ashamed that I thought I didn’t need it! It doesn’t matter how long one has practiced meditation. This course is so valuable and offers so much knowledge and practices for dealing with so many things. Your staff was very, very wise to insist that everyone take this course before doing the Year-Long Certification. I have learned so much and I’m still in week 4 of 6. Thank your staff for insisting that I take it!’
Ellen T., School Counselor, Maryland

Educators like Ellen often come to us wondering how to get started with Mindful Schools.

We currently offer three courses that build the foundation for integrating mindfulness into education. The first course is Mindfulness Fundamentals, the second is our Curriculum Training, and the third is our Year-Long Certification. The first class in this series, Mindfulness Fundamentals [MF] is a basic course in mindfulness. The other two courses build on that foundation by teaching you how to integrate mindfulness practice with youth.

In the six-week online Mindfulness Fundamentals course, you will learn the basics of mindfulness meditation including work around breath, body, movement, emotions, gratitude, and compassion. We recommend Mindfulness Fundamentals as a starting point for, well, everyone really. If you are interested in integrating mindfulness with youth, it is a prerequisite to our other courses. If you are simply interested in integrating mindfulness into your own practice or life, it is the perfect place to start. In fact, over 97% of our 2014 online MF course graduates and over 98% of our most recent graduating class would recommend this course to a friend! Thanks to you, we keep getting better.

Adults with no mindfulness practice and those with decades of practice both find the MF course extremely valuable and worthwhile. The course introduces a language and vernacular that is used throughout our other courses. We also fundamentally believe that in order to teach mindfulness to youth, you must first practice it yourself in the same way that you must learn and practice math or english in order to teach it to others. Ready to go?

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What 2014 graduates are saying about this course:

‘This is a very solid foundations course to help establish a Mindfulness practice. I would recommend it to other teachers at my school.’

‘I found the way the course was run was excellent. I enjoyed how the content progresses naturally week to week. The interaction with other people from all over the world was for me very exciting. The resources and printouts are excellent and easy to read. The course has been the start of a new adventure for me as I now have the thirst for more mindfulness study.’

‘I have learned a lot from other participants’ responses and some of the recommendations they’ve made. Hearing other people talk so honestly about what’s going on with them has been a big part of what made this course so special. I would not have thought it could happen in such a short time (or at all), but it did, and not in some cheesy “let’s say what the teacher wants us to say and show everyone how much we know” way. It was super honest. Very special and somewhat unique, I think.’