Online Curriculum Training – Upgrades & Improvements

CT Screen ShotAs we kick off our 2014 course offerings, we wanted to announce several significant changes to the online version of our Curriculum Training (CT). These improvements – detailed below – are the result of feedback from roughly 1,000 educators, parents and mental health professionals who have been through the course.

The key online CT improvements fall into five areas:

    • Access to Materials After the Course Ends. Participants will now be able to access all course content (modules, lesson demos and supporting materials) on an on-going basis after the course closing date.
    • The Addition of a Guiding Teacher. In each online CT course, there will be one Mindful Schools faculty member that plays the role of Guiding Teacher. This person will respond in writing in the online learning management system to participant questions and comments.
    • The Use of Cohort Groups. We will be dividing CT participants into cohorts based on location, professional affiliation and other criteria. The cohort structure will enable more detailed discussion of weekly course content.

Grad Community Photo - Small

  • The Addition of Small-Group Coaching Sessions. There will be two opportunities for live, webinar-based coaching: Week 3 (mid-course) and Week 6 (course closing). Week 1 will also be a 90-minute live orientation to the course.
  • Access to the Mindful Schools Graduate Community. After successful completion of the CT, graduates will have access to our Facebook graduate community where they can discuss curriculum-related issues and network with others using the MS curriculum around the world.

We want everyone in the MS community to know that we are always working to improve how we are delivering training content online. We will keep you posted on other improvements as we complete them.