Welcome to the Mindful Schools Blog!

Dear Mindful Schools friends,

Over the past three and a half years, our team has had the opportunity to teach more than 8,500 students and more than 1200 educators, parents and other professionals. From this
work, we have developed an extensive knowledge and broad perspective of mindfulness in education.

For a long time we have wanted to acknowledge the community that has emerged through our in-class and professional trainings. We have received many questions over the years and many times the questions we receive are relevant to many more people than the one person asking. With this blog we hope to share will all of you what we’ ve learned through our team’ s collective experience.

Please note that this blog is based on our experience to date and the ideas and opinions of the team we’ ve developed. We appreciate that there will be many ongoing conversations as topics arise here.

Please feel free to send comments or questions about mindfulness in education to info@mindfulschools.org. We look forward to seeing this movement unfold and evolve with all of you.

Megan and the Mindful Schools Team