Powerful Synergy: SEL and Mindfulness Working Together

After asking her students to reflect on an essential question, a high school teacher in Oakland uses “wait time” to breathe mindfully, ground herself and set an intention to fully listen so she can offer her students her full presence. An elementary vice principal in Albany uses a snow globe to breathe deeply and calm […]

How I’m Bringing Mindfulness to My School, District and Beyond

I was introduced to Mindfulness during the summer of 2015 as I was researching some alternative discipline programs for my school. I saw a comment on Black Educators Rock on Facebook that mentioned Mindful Schools and clicked on the link. As I began to read about this program, I became intrigued because I had been […]

Matthew Brensilver, PhD

Mind the Hype: Reflections on a Critique of Mindfulness Research

A notable group of mindfulness researchers recently published a critique of the state of science of mindfulness. In the article below, we express certain areas of agreement with the authors, while, at the same time, highlighting important evidence that affirms our enthusiasm about mindfulness practices for youth. At Mindful Schools, we regard our role of […]

Matthew Brensilver, PhD

Integrating Mindfulness and SEL Programs

What are the similarities and differences between mindfulness and social and emotional learning (SEL)? How do the two approaches converge or collide? How might integrating mindfulness amplify the effects of existing SEL programs? To address these questions, we first can consider the commonalities and differences in terms of (1) practices, (2) skills and (3) outcomes. […]

Matthew Brensilver, PhD

Mindfulness and the Scientific Study of Wisdom

As the scope of science expands, concepts that were previously confined to the humanities are receiving scientific attention. One recent example of this trend is the scientific exploration of wisdom. Traditionally, discussions of wisdom have been confined to disciplines such as philosophy. Philosophy is, after all, literally the ‘love of wisdom.’ A few years ago, […]

Matthew Brensilver, PhD

Mindfulness and Empathy

How mindfulness training helps build a foundational social and emotional skill I wanted to reflect  a bit on empathy and mindfulness. Humans are social beings and positive relationships are important for our happiness. Empathy is a capacity that allows us to understand the minds of others and to resonate emotionally with those states.1 Empathy forms a […]

Matthew Brensilver, PhD

An Overview of the Types of Mindfulness Research

With so much interest in the science of mindfulness and a proliferation of research, understanding the field can feel a little disorienting. We often hear about the results of a study, but it can be difficult to contextualize the findings in relation to the rest of mindfulness research. Here, we’re not trying to review the […]

Kevin Sandness

Research on Mindfulness

We use both quantitative and qualitative data to evaluate our effectiveness. In addition to the survey data and pilot study presented on this page, some of the best qualitative evidence comes from two film documentaries: Healthy Habits of Mind (a free film about integrating mindfulness into education) and Room to Breathe (a documentary showing Mindful […]

2016-17 Year-Long Certification Launched

We are writing to announce that we are now accepting applications for the 2016-2017 Mindful Schools Year-Long Certification. This course is designed for dedicated mindfulness practitioners interested in playing leadership roles in their school communities and in the Mindfulness in Education movement. The program filled early and with a wait-list last year, which kept quite […]