Free Back to School Kit – Activities & Poster

As educators and parents, the beginning of the school year can be a stressful time, full with planning, planning, planning … doing, doing, doing. What if there were a toolkit that could help us ease back into the classroom with confidence and a sense of calm?

There is. Our Mindful Schools team has carefully curated a free Mindful Schools Back to School Toolkit, which includes something for you, for your students, and for your classroom. Download the free resources below to get started, and we wish you a a mindful start to the school year!

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What’s in the Mindful Schools Back to School Toolkit?

We have a little something for you, your students, and your classroom.

  1. Guided mindfulness practice. Listen to a 3- or 10-minute guided audio practice, in moments of stress or calm, so you can feel more grounded and energized for the year.
  2. Back to school K-12 activity. Try a mindful activity to help your students settle in, during this time of transition.
  3. Printable poster. Get an encouraging reminder for you and your students to find mindful moments throughout the day.

Try a 3 minute sample.

Listen to this 3 minute guided audio to get started – for those moments before your first coffee, before you open up your classroom, or during a short break. Enter your email above to access the complete Mindful Schools Back to School Toolkit.

Pause and Check In (3 min)


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