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Logging In

iPad / Tablet / Smart Phone Issues





Materials/Tracking My Work

Logging In

Where do I get my password?

Your password was sent to you directly through Moodle or through the Training Coordinator. Please check your email and your Spam/Junk folder.

What if I can't remember my password?

Clicking the "Forgotten your username or password?" link underneath the "Login" button on the Mindful Schools Courses login page. You will then be prompted for the email with which you registered for the class. An email will be sent to that email account with directions for resetting your password.  

How can I change my password?

To change your password, log in to Moodle and click on your name in the upper-right-hand corner of the window. Once your profile page appears, click on the "Change password" link in the left-hand "Settings" block. Enter your current password into the field, and then type your new password into the appropriate fields. Click the "Save changes" button.

I can't log in!

Please check that:

  1. You're entering your username correctly. Your username is the email you used to register for your course. If you have taken more than one online course with Mindful Schools, it will most likely be the email you used to register for your first course.
  2. You're entering the password correctly. It's case sensitive and should be entered exactly as you were given it. Make sure your caps lock is not on.

If you're still having trouble, follow the "Forgot Your Password or Username” steps on the login page. 

I haven't gotten an email with a link to reset my password.

Please check your spam box. Sometimes the password-reset emails get directed to your junk mail or spam folder.

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iPad / Tablet / Smart Phone Issues

I can't log in with my iPad.

The courses have been optimized for iPads, tablets and smart phones and participants should be able to navigate the courses on those devices. Nevertheless, sometimes there can be problems accessing material on particular tablets. If it is convenient, simply use a laptop or desktop for that activity. If you experience persistent problems, please complete a Support Ticket.

My answers aren't being saved in the forums.

The course functions best on either Google Chrome or Firefox as the web browser. Chrome is freely available here, and Firefox is freely available here.

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To access the course for the first time, click on the name of your course after you log in. Access to Mindfulness Fundamentals ends after the course ends. For people who complete the Curriculum Training, you will be sent information on how to access the course materials indefinitely. 

Each course consists of a course dashboard with sections underneath for each week of the course. You will be able to access the sections as you complete items and as the course progresses in time. As the course progresses, you'll need to scroll down to see the latest available materials and activities. You can click the name of the course under the blue horizontal menu bar to return to the dashboard from most areas of the course.

Please click the name of the course (Mindfulness Fundamentals, Curriculum Training or Year Long). You need to click that to enter the course and view the dashboard and materials. If all you see is blue box with "Opening Activities,” click that blue box.  

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Emails & Forums

How do I post to a forum?

Enter the appropriate forum by clicking on the forum name. After reading the instructions/introduction to the forum, click on the discussion posted by your guiding teacher. Click the orange reply button on the right below your teacher's comment/question. Leave the subject of your forum post as is, and then type the message of your post. Click the "Post to forum" button to submit your forum post. Once you post you'll be able to see other posts.

Can I edit my forum posts?

No, you cannot edit your writing after you post it to a forum. Please proofread what you've written before posting it. If you've posted something and it's important that it be changed, you can submit a 'support ticket' detailing the nature of the change.

Why do I get all of the posts as e-mails?

If you are receiving e-mails for a particular forum, that means you are subscribed to that forum. By default, you subscribe to the forum once you make a post in it. Your profile is automatically set up to receive a summary e-mail of all the day's forum posts (called a Digest) instead of individual e-mails. We recommend this as the best way to stay informed without being overwhelmed. You can edit your email preferences by click "Edit profile” in the drop-down menu when you click on your photo in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Where are my forum replies?

In most cases, click on the initial post (in the Discussion column on the forum's page) to see the text of the post. Each reply is underneath the initial post to which the reply was made, indented to show the order of the threads.

Why am I not getting any e-mails and others are?

First, please check your email is correct in your profile. If you are not receiving emails at that address, please check your Spam/Folder.  If you still do not receive emails, please try an alternative email address. Occasionally, Hotmail or AOL users may also not receive e-mails.

How can I stop all of these e-mails?

E-mails are an essential part of the way our online course and Moodle works. They are used to keep you up to date with what is going on. If you wish to reduce the amount of emails you get you could:

  • Edit your profile and change your e-mail settings to complete digest. This will allow you to get one email a day that shows all of the activity in the forums

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How do I view and download documents / audio files?

Once you've completed the Mindfulness Fundamentals course, you will have the option to download all of the audio files from the entire course.  You will also be able to download the entire course lesson in a PDF document.  The Curriculum Training will provide ongoing access to all the material from the course, once you complete the course. 

I can't download a file

If you're having trouble downloading a file, check that it isn't downloading automatically and ending up in your download folder. Please take a look there. Some files can't be downloaded but are only viewable online. 

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How can I change my e-mail address?

You can update your profile, including changing your e-mail address:

  1. Look for "My profile settings."
  2. Select the first option, "Edit profile."
  3. Edit your email and click on the "Update profile" button.

How can I update my profile picture?

  1. You can update your profile picture by looking for "Edit profile."
  2. Scroll down and look for a box with a downward facing arrow. Drag and drop your photo there. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have trouble dragging and dropping, your browser might not support that. In that case:

  1. Scroll to the area where you can upload your user profile under edit profile.
  2. Click add. Then choose upload a file. This will open a window so you can choose a photo from your computer.
  3. Add a description - helpful when images don't appear and for people with visual impairments.

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Tracking My Work

How do I know what is required?

You'll know items are required if they have an empty green box next to them on the left. You cannot check off the box; it checks off automatically once you complete the activity. All work that is required has a green check box.  Any other worksheets or additional reflections are optional and won't be 'turned in.' 

How do I know I've completed the requirements for the week?

If all the empty green checkboxes for the week and subsequent weeks are checked, you've met the requirements and can move on to the next week once the lesson opens on the specific day/time (Friday mornings for Mindfulness Fundamentals and Thursday mornings for Curriculum Trainings). 

Why is there no check in the green box even though I completed the activity?

Sometimes you need to refresh your browser to trigger the check. But usually it will complete on its own. If your box is not completed it may be that you did not complete the item - for instance, a forum discussion activity will check off when you've posted in the forum. If you haven't done that, it won't check off.

I can't move into the next week - why not?

This could be for a number of reasons:

  1. You haven't completed all the required items for the week yet. Check the green boxes next to activities - are they all checked off?
  2. The next week's lesson is not yet available. Depending on your course, it might not open until Friday morning  (or whichever time has been given for the course start time).
  3. More than 10 days has passed since you've visited the course or you're behind 10 days or more in the course. Please make arrangements with the Training Coordinator to join a future course.

How can I see comments from my guiding teacher or trainer?

  1. To access the comments from your forum, click on the discussion forum. Here you can see any comments provided by the guiding teacher or trainer(s).

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I have a question about CEUs for Educators. Where can I get more information?

To get more info, please click here.

Issues with AOL

Users who connect to the Internet with AOL may have difficulty viewing pages in Moodle using the AOL browser. These users may wish to download Firefox and connect with that browser.

Moodle is currently having issues e-mailing to AOL accounts. If your Moodle account is connected with an AOL e-mail address, please change it to another address, if possible.

Still Need Help?

If the FAQ cannot resolve your issue, please contact us for help by completing a "Support Ticket."

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