Gratitude Rocks!

There are many ways to practice gratitude with your students. “Gratitude rocks” provide a creative activity to introduce a gratitude lesson in your classroom. You can then have students take out their gratitude rocks daily or periodically to practice gratitude with your kids.

What Is Gratitude?
Get started by talking with students about the idea of being grateful and thankful. What do these things mean, and how does it make you feel?

Reminders – In Rock Form
To provide a reminder of what they are grateful for and the positive, happy way it makes them feel, have your students personalize their own “gratitude” rocks. You can use small rocks that will fit into their desks or even their pockets. Some students may chose to paint them, others may add stickers or cover them with foil. Some may chose to keep them in their natural state.

In addition, you can provide a larger rock for the entire classroom to share and students can decide on a decor that will represent the group.  Place it in an area of the room that is visible and central.

On a weekly basis, or periodically, teachers can point to the classroom rock, or ask students to find their individual gratitude rocks, to recall the gratitude theme, share gratitude, or use as a focal point for their mindful meditation.

The Student Mindfulness Club at McLean worked on decorating other rocks, large and small, to place in a showcase and to share with classrooms who needed them.

Rosie Waugh is a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor. She has been implementing mindfulness at McLean School since 2014 and now serves as their Mindfulness Coordinator. Learn more by contacting Rosie, or follow her tweets @MindfulMcLean.

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