Mindfulness is COOL!

Drawing by 5th Grader in Melbourne

“Mindfulness is COOL!” says a fifth grader in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m a performing arts teacher; every class of the 200 children I teach each day begins with mindfulness practice. It’s a beautiful way to start the learning journey for all of us. Joseph, who drew this picture, is a ten-year old from a Vietnamese refugee background—a shy, reserved boy who showed great artistic talent from a very young age. He is especially into comic style drawing. For the last five years, he’s practiced mindfulness with me, so he has been exposed to practice for most of his schooling but he still comes to it with fresh eyes and excitement.

This life skill can be built upon. Mindfulness has no beginning or end, but is a continuum, a life-enhancing practice that a ten year-old boy thinks is still “COOL!”

Victoria graduated from our Mindful Educators Essentials course and teaches Performing Arts at a Primary School in Noble Park, Melbourne, Australia. Learn more about her work at: vic@think-bubbles.com

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