What Teens Are Thankful For

A first-grade teacher, a best friend, a parent — watch high schoolers read their Gratitude Letters to the people they’re thankful for. Try this gratitude exercise with your students.

Thank you Greater Good Science Center for your partnership in creating this video!

Explore different ways to practice gratitude with your students

In the research-backed Mindful Schools K-12 Curriculum, explore different ways to practice gratitude with students––What am I grateful for? How does gratitude make me feel?

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Mindfulness is a practice that supports us to not only better manage stress and improve focus – it also supports us to cultivate positive states of mind like gratitude, joy, and compassion. Learn more about Mindful Schools’ professional development courses for educators to create positive change in classrooms, schools, and at home.

Turn your compassion into action.

Give the gift of mindfulness
and support resilience, focus,
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