The Mindful Schools Podcast

By educators, for educators, The Mindful Schools Podcast supports listeners in resourcing inspiration from within.

We share practices to help you reconnect with your own strengths and passion for teaching, as well as give concrete examples of what mindfulness looks like in action, both for your work with students and for your own self-care.

Our intention is to be responsive to what is happening in schools in real time, from the vantage point of our team of mindful educators, and create discussion, community and support for those working in the field. We look forward to connecting with you.

The Mindful Schools Podcast: Episodes

Ep. 15: Impermanence: Meeting Transitions with Resilience, Courage, and Grace

Listen to “Ep.15: Impermanence: Meeting Transitions with Resilience, Courage, and Grace” on Spreaker.

Our team closes the season with this final podcast episode. We’re talking about impermanence and transitions. Argos, Megan, and Alan share mindful strategies that support them to meet transitions with resilience, courage, and grace.

Ep. 14: Back-to-School, Again? Facing Change and Transition After an Already Challenging Year

Listen to “Ep. 14: Back to School: Facing Change and Transition After an Already Challenging Year” on Spreaker.

In a “normal” year, schools and educators have response plans in place––if …A, then …B. But what happens in a year like 2020-2021 with so many unforeseen scenarios? The Mindful Schools team candidly discusses what’s arising in their communities––how they’re unpacking this year’s challenges, while also preparing for another back-to-school transition.

Ep. 13: Embracing the Grumpiness, Savoring the Little Moments

Listen to “Ep. 13: Embracing the Grumpiness, Savoring the Little Moments” on Spreaker.

We’re living amidst many challenges. What’s supporting you, right now? Alan, Argos, and Megan talk candidly about the role that mindfulness plays in acknowledging and embracing emotions––and perhaps, being with them in a more skillful way.

Ep. 12: The Commercialization of Mindfulness

Listen to “Ep. 12: Commercializing Mindfulness” on Spreaker.

Mindfulness is spreading. Even toy companies are starting to get into the mix. In this episode, we explore the opportunities and pitfalls that come with the commercialization of mindfulness.

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Ep. 11: The Value of Retreat at Home

Listen to “Ep. 11: The Value of Retreat at Home” on Spreaker.

Shelter-in-place has challenged Mindful Schools to deeply rethink how we support educators at our in-depth, week-long (and typically in-person) mindfulness retreats––a focal element of our Mindful Teacher Certification Program. Megan, Argos, and Alan discuss how the shift to virtual-at-home retreats has opened new doors to support and empower educators to integrate mindfulness into daily life.

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Ep. 10: The Intentional Slow-Down

Listen to “Ep.10: The Intentional Slow-Down” on Spreaker.

When we first watched countries sheltering-in-place in the spring, many of us experienced disbelief. I could never do that, many thought. Yet here we are, again, riding another wave of shelter-in-place. Megan, Argos, and Alan discuss interesting similarities––both delights and struggles––of social distancing and silent mindfulness retreats.

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Ep. 9: Rethinking Burnout

Listen to “Ep.9: Rethinking Burnout” on Spreaker.

We’re all feeling the effects of sustained uncertainty, stress, and social distancing. When does this all amount to burnout? What does mindfulness and self-care have to do with self-preservation in the face of burnout?

This episode highlights Crystal McCreary’s recent talk on burnout with our current Mindful Schools Mindful Teacher Certification Program and Schoolwide Implementation Program cohorts. Listen and get a window into these immersive programs.

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Ep. 8: Mindful Communication, Part 2: ‘We’ versus ‘Me’

Listen to “Ep.9: Rethinking Burnout” on Spreaker.

Myth: mindfulness is about me and my inner world. Alan and Crystal talk about how walking in someone else’s shoes––being radically empathetic––can support us to move toward ‘we’ in these disconnected and divided times.

Ep. 7: Mindful Communication, Part 1: Are You Listening?

Listen to “Ep. 7: Mindful Communication, Part 1: Are You Listening?” on Spreaker.

Discussing something you’re passionate about can be difficult––whether you’re at work, at school, or at home. This week we’re talking about the willingness to listen, to disagree, to be open, and to be uncomfortable. Explore this resource: Three Elements of Mindful Communication from Mindful Schools.

Ep. 6: Creating a Container for Meaningful Conversation

Listen to “Ep. 6: Creating a Container for Meaningful Conversation” on Spreaker.

How can communication norms and agreements help us feel supported as we have conversations (and disagreements) with one another? This week, we talk about the Mindful Schools relational agreements and how they show up in our Mindful Teacher Certification Program and our work together.

Ep. 5: Teaching with Diverse Perspectives (During an Election Year)

Listen to “Ep.5: Teaching with Diverse Perspectives” on Spreaker.

Polarization runs so deep right now. It feels like everything we do is a political act. What does it mean to hold a teaching space, where you can bring your full self, and be loving, even when point of views are different?

Ep. 4: Expectations: Is “good enough” good enough during a pandemic?

Listen to “Ep. 4: Expectations: Is “good enough” good enough during a pandemic?” on Spreaker.

This week, we talk about how to work with expectations, especially while many families are juggling virtual and hybrid learning during the pandemic. As educators and parents, when is “good enough” good enough?

Ep. 3: Educators Coping with Overwhelm

Listen to “Ep. 3: Coping With Overwhelm” on Spreaker.

This time of year, we’re anticipating returning to school––faculty calls, juggling, busyness, overwhelm. There is so much to do. This week, Megan, Alan, and Argos talk about their go-to strategies that support them during overwhelm.

Ep. 2: Back-to-School Amidst Uncertainty

Listen to “Ep. 2: Teaching in Uncertainty” on Spreaker.

The anticipation of back-to-school is amplified tenfold because, this year, we’re in a pandemic and navigating online and hybrid learning and a lot of unknowns. How can we bring our focus to connection and to what is certain?

Ep. 1: Meet the Team

Listen to “Ep.1: Meet the Team” on Spreaker.

Meet our Mindful Schools faculty and podcast hosts, Megan Sweet, Argos Gonzalez, and Alan Brown.

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