Community Impact

Mindful Schools is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to improving the social-emotional well-being of school communities. We provide a robust training path for educators, support for schoolwide mindfulness implementation, and initiatives to ensure communities in-need can benefit from our programs.

Direct Service: Schoolwide Mindfulness

Our Schoolwide Mindfulness Program partners with five under-resourced schools in San Francisco and Marin to cultivate cultures of resilience, focus, emotional regulation, and kindness. Our team works with school members to implement science-based mindfulness practices that build on the strengths and values of the community, advance equity and inclusion, and integrate into existing structures and initiatives.

These ‘mindful schools’ provide an essential foundation upon which teaching and learning become more effective by improving mental health and well-being, and removing barriers to academic achievement.

Surveys with our partner schools revealed the following outcomes:


of teachers reported that mindfulness in the classroom creates changes in their students’ overall well-being, ability to pay attention, impulse control, and mental health


of students surveyed said that mindfulness is helping their teacher


of students reported using mindfulness to calm down when experiencing difficult emotions such as anger, sadness, or anxiety

“Our students are beset by all kinds of challenges born of poverty, dire racism and consistent inconsistency that has caused ongoing trauma to their young lives. Our school is embracing a comprehensive wellness approach that begins with the development of mindfulness. We need more help in this. Mindful Schools has been an invaluable resource to our administration, our faculty, our students.” – Partner School Principal

Leadership Development: Schoolwide Implementation

Mindful Schools believes the most effective approach to create systemic and sustainable change is from the inside out. Our direct service work in the Bay Area allows us to codify best practices which we integrate into the curriculum of our Schoolwide Implementation Program, which trains educators to lead systems change in schools across the US. Demand for social-emotional support for schools is at an all-time high due to social isolation and stress caused by the global pandemic and recent political and social upheaval. Our team is actively fundraising to keep course enrollment fees low for this program, and to provide scholarships for under-represented or under-resourced educators. Support this program by making a gift today.

Equity in Action: Scholarship Fund

Mindful Schools is deeply committed to equity and inclusivity, and we believe that representation matters in all elements of our trainings. The Equity in Action Scholarship Fund invests in educators who identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ and supports their participation in our year-long trainings, The Mindful Teacher Program and The Schoolwide Implementation Program, with affinity group experiences and significantly reduced tuition.  

Our Impact: Online Courses

The outcomes below were collected from teachers who participated in Mindful Schools’ original course for bringing mindfulness into the classroom. For more comprehensive information on our impact, please visit our research page.

Benefits for Educators


Report lower stress and greater self-compassion


Connect better with students


Deliver curriculum with more ease


Are more satisfied with their jobs

Benefits for Students


Improve emotional regulation


Improve focus


Demonstrate greater compassion


Improve engagement

Inspired to support mindfulness in schools?

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