Community Impact

Mindful Schools is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers educators to spark change from the inside out by cultivating awareness, resilience, compassion, and healing. We partner with school leaders to nurture collective well-being, promote equity, and co-create learning environments where all adults and young people can thrive.

Schoolwide Mindfulness

Mindful Schools partners with under-resourced and Title I schools from across the United States to create inclusive school cultures that prioritize the healing power of relationships and well-being. Our goal is to serve communities that are most impacted by systemic inequities, toxic stress, and trauma. This work is made possible by the investment from philanthropic organizations and the generosity of our community. You can help create and sustain more ‘mindful schools’ by making a gift today.

Our partnerships begin by sharing mindfulness practices with school educators to address stress, reactivity, and burnout, and to cultivate awareness, well-being, and empowerment. We then guide school teachers to create trauma-sensitive and culturally-sustaining classroom environments where every student feels safe, supported, and ready to learn. Throughout the partnership, our team provides coaching to school leaders to build their capacity to recognize any inequities that are showing up at the school, navigate difficult conversations with awareness and compassion, and to work together to build communities that support every member to thrive.

These ‘mindful schools’ provide an essential foundation upon which teaching and learning become more effective by improving mental health and well-being, promoting healthy relationships, and encouraging mindful collaboration and decision-making.

Surveys with our partner schools revealed the following outcomes:


of teachers reported that mindfulness in the classroom creates changes in their students’ overall well-being, ability to pay attention, impulse control, and mental health


of students surveyed said that mindfulness is helping their teacher


of students reported using mindfulness to calm down when experiencing difficult emotions such as anger, sadness, or anxiety

“Our students are beset by all kinds of challenges born of poverty, dire racism and consistent inconsistency that has caused ongoing trauma to their young lives. Our school is embracing a comprehensive wellness approach that begins with the development of mindfulness. We need more help in this. Mindful Schools has been an invaluable resource to our administration, our faculty, our students.” – Partner School Principal

Our Impact: Online Courses

The outcomes below were collected from teachers who participated in Mindful Schools’ original course for bringing mindfulness into the classroom. For more comprehensive information on our impact, please visit our research page.

Benefits for Educators


Report lower stress and greater self-compassion


Connect better with students


Deliver curriculum with more ease


Are more satisfied with their jobs

Benefits for Students


Improve emotional regulation


Improve focus


Demonstrate greater compassion


Improve engagement

Inspired to support mindfulness in schools?

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