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William James Quote Inspiration
"The greatest revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings by changing the inner attitude of their minds can change the outer aspects of their lives." - William James 
Want to Join Our European Year-Long Certification Cohort?
Our Year-Long Certification U.S. cohort is full, but we are still accepting applications for the Europe cohort (open to anyone from around the world). The content for both cohorts is the same.

To apply for the European Year-Long Certification, please fill out our online application:

- Application if you are not requesting scholarship funding
- Application if you are requesting scholarship funding
We invite you to view a recorded Online Information session to learn more about this in-depth training directly from our program team.
Mill Retreat Centre
Curriculum Training in London
We've got a special Curriculum Training coming at Regent's College Conference Center in London, from Aug. 8 to 10.  If you know anyone in Europe who wants to learn how to teach mindfulness to children and adolescents, please share this information with them. Thank you very much for helping to spread the word! 
Curriculum Training Banner  
Job Openings: Director of Technology, Training Coordinator, Designer 
We are adding to our team to help us meet the demand we are seeing while maintaining the highest standards of quality.  Please share these listings with strong candidates you know! 

Director of Technology - [Click Here to Apply] 
This candidate must be passionate about our mission, experienced in implementing software systems for e-learning and e-commerce, and capable of leading the strategic development and implementation of our technology systems as we grow. The ideal candidate will offer a wide range of technical skills, and will have the ability to quickly research and learn new technologies as needed.

Training Coordinator - [Click Here to Apply]
This candidate must be highly organized, adept at delivering highest-quality customer service, and able to smoothly handle multiple event logistics simultaneously. The candidate should not be interested in any teaching positions at Mindful Schools.

Graphic Designer - [Click Here to Apply]
This candidate must be able to quickly produce high quality graphics for presentations, documents, advertisements (flyers and web ads), both online and print.
Upcoming Adult Courses
The diagram below describes our courses and how they fit together.
Training Levels  

Please note that Mindfulness Fundamentals Online and Curriculum Training Online are available to anyone around the world.


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Mindfulness Fundamentals (General Description)
[Register] Online Course (Jul. 05 - Aug. 09)
[Register] Online Course (Aug. 02 - Sep. 06)
[Register] Online Course (Sep. 13 - Oct. 25)
[Register] Online Course (Oct. 11 - Nov. 15)
[Notification List] Online Course Notification List

CT Icon (Transparent)
K-12 Curriculum Training (General Description)
[Register] London, United Kingdom (Aug. 08 - 10, 2013)
[Register] Online Course (Sep. 21 - Nov. 09, 2013)
[Register] Oakland, CA (Oct. 04 - 06, 2013)

Year-Long Certification
Year-Long Certification (General Description)
[Apply] European Cohort (Starts Aug. 12, 2013) [NON-SCHOLARSHIPS ONLY]
[Apply] European Cohort (Starts Aug. 12, 2013) [SCHOLARSHIPS ONLY]

Please visit our Courses page for complete information about all these offerings.
Want to Help Support Room to Breathe?
Would you like to help promote or fund the Room to Breathe outreach campaign? The Room to Breathe team is working diligently to get the film seen by parents, teachers, and school officials all around the U.S.

If you would like to help by holding a small screening in your home, or a larger screening in a hall or auditorium, or if you are willing to help provide funding for the
Room to Breathe team's efforts, please contact Andrew Bateman.

The film will be available for PBS stations starting on Labor Day weekend!
Please feel free to contact your local station to request it.

And if you live near Oakland, there's a free film screening at The New Parkway theater in Oakland on Saturday, June 29 at 2 pm.
Room to Breathe Banner 
Brochure Cover - 91x200 New Mindful Schools Brochure
Check out our new brochure, which explains the value of mindfulness to educators or parents and shows them how to get trained in using mindfulness with K-12 children and adolescents.

It's a great tool for convincing educators and parents to train a school!

The brochure is available both on the web and in PDF form:
Mindfulness Fundamentals [Learn More]

"I thought the course was incredible. Even though I have 15 years of training, the way that the lessons were broken down and taught was insightful and brought new levels of learning for me."

"The training was very well organized and thoughtfully put together. I loved that we could go through the materials at our own pace, as some weeks were harder than others. The six weeks flew by. I highly recommend this course."

"I loved it!  I have been reading and learning about mindfulness for about a year and this class really cemented some of the concepts I was struggling with.  Thank you!"

Curriculum Training [Learn More]

"Often in training settings, time can lag and drag and maintaining focus can be difficult.  That was certainly not the case with this training. I was fully engaged throughout. The information provided through the varying styles and techniques of all of the presenters gave me a sense of familiarity with the content of the curriculum along with lots of ideas on how to present it in a way that felt comfortable for me."

"I have to say that I've come home, so excited about the Mindful Schools work that I'm actually wondering if I'm in the right job. :D"

How Mindfulness Helps in the Classroom [Learn More]

Please see these video testimonials to hear from educators and students about how mindfulness helps in schools.

Testimonials from Educators and Children

Mindfulness in the News
Here are some recent resources and articles that may be of interest:
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About Mindful Schools 
Founded in 2007, the mission of Mindful Schools is to integrate mindfulness into education by offering professional training and other resources.

Mindful Schools has conducted training and workshops for over 4,000 public and private school parents, teachers, therapists, and other professionals in education and social work. Our in-school curriculum uses a scientifically proven technique called mindfulness to teach concentration, attention, conflict resolution, and empathy, and has been taught to many tens of thousands of children by our course graduates.

Learn more at www.mindfulschools.org.