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Mindful Schools Third Birthday Celebration and Banquet on May 23

Our banquet is a wonderful opportunity to learn what Mindful Schools is all about, and will showcase students, teachers, parents, and principals who have benefited from our program. It will also be a chance to meet like-minded people who are passionate about transforming education with mindfulness.

The event is a free brunch fundraiser. We hope that after attendees see the compelling results of our work, they will consider supporting us because they share our vision and enthusiasm.

Our biggest goal for the event is getting the word out, so please share our invitation widely with colleagues, friends, and family who are interested in changing the future of education.

If you are attending, please fill out the extremely short registration form so we know your food preference.

Mindful Schools Applies for a $4.5 Million Federal Grant

We just applied for a $4.5 million Investment in Innovation ("i3") Federal Grant, which aims to identify creative solutions to key problems in education. It is an amazingly competitive grant, but we believe our uncommon approach, with its exceptional results, is a great match.

Getting the grant would establish an unparalleled foothold for secular mindfulness in education at the government level.

If we are a finalist, we must match 20% of the total (about $900,000) privately by September in order to get the grant. If you know of foundation contacts or individuals who would like to be part of such a collaboration, please let us know.

Research Results Are In!

Mindful Schools' preliminary research results show an increase in executive attention for about 80 2nd and 3rd grade students in an urban school in Oakland, California after they received the Mindful Schools five-week in class program. Three months after the conclusion of the program, the students were tested again and the gains were retained!

Executive attention involves complex mental operations engaged during monitoring and resolving conflict, planning, decision making and in overcoming habitual actions.

In teachers' assessment of their students' social skills in academic contexts, findings indicated a statistically significant improvement across both grades with boys and girls. Again those findings were retained three months after the program had ended.

These promising results will help guide our future studies. We are very grateful to researchers Gina Biegel, MFT at Kaiser San Jose, and to Kirk Warren Brown, Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

August Workshop Replaced with Trainings

Because of the popularity of our Mindfulness Fundamentals and Curriculum Training courses, we have decided to replace our August "Mindfulness in the Classroom" workshop with courses:

Level 1: Mindfulness Fundamentals: This class is for teachers, parents, psychologists and anyone who would like to learn mindfulness for themselves. This six-week course will teach you the basic techniques of mindfulness as well as help you build your own practice.

Level 2: Curriculum Training: Learn how to teach the Mindful Schools curriculum to your K-5 students or your own children. Level 1: Mindfulness Fundamentals or the equivalent experience is a prerequisite to take this class.

Don't miss our complete list of upcoming courses and times.

Mindfulness Exercises (Guided Audio): Breathing, Walking, Body Scan

We are delighted to share our new Guided Audio Mindful Exercises with you. These short clips cover mindfulness of breathing, walking, and a body scan. The clips bring expert instruction straight to you, and are ideal for supporting your regular mindfulness practice.

We hope these exercises will help more people learn about mindfulness and experience its benefits. Please share these clips with anyone who might find them useful.

Success Stories: Mindful Schools in Action

"We started STAR testing. I had two kids that were very nervous; both on their own started to do mindfulness. When they continued the test, neither were nervous and one had a smile on his face."
    - Public school teacher enrolled in one of our mindfulness trainings

"When I want revenge, I could practice mindfulness and then the next day I would say I am sorry."
    - 4th Grader

"I feel like I have the courage to do anything."
    - 1st grader

Would You Like to Help Us? Volunteer Opportunities!

If you would like to help make a huge difference in children’s lives while working with an exceptional team, Mindful Schools has volunteer opportunities in the following areas:
  • Legal counsel and document review
  • Accounting (CPA)
  • Marketing
  • Event organization
  • Grant research
  • Grant writing
  • Government grants: research and writing
  • Do you have any connections in foundations that might be a good fit for our work? Your introduction or suggestions could make a difference!
If you can help us in these areas we would love to hear from you.
Please contact us at:

How to Support Mindful Schools

We are working hard to teach mindfulness not only to children, but also to teachers and parents -- effectively transforming schools and communities through mindfulness. We strive to make the most of every dollar, which is why we can teach mindfulness to a child for just $30.

But most schools are facing enormous financial pressure due to multi-billion dollar budget cuts, and need support to experience the benefits of mindfulness.

While many government officials understand the preventive value of mindfulness, they are forced to cut programs rather than funding new ones. Because of this, we must secure funding from individuals and the private sector to keep our program thriving.

Please consider helping us give the gift of mindfulness to more children by
making a tax-deductible donation.

In addition, if you would like to share connections with foundations or philanthropists who would like to support our work, please contact us.

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