Dear Community,

Through our schoolwide mindfulness partnerships, we listen carefully to our educators. Our school leaders share moments of pain, tenderness, laughter, and hope. They tell us how Mindful Schools helps their communities to heal, connect, and find joy, even amidst challenge and uncertainty. 

In addition to offering professional development training to schools, our organization raises funds to help provide our programs to under-resourced communities that have been disproportionally impacted by toxic stress and trauma.

Our communities are hurting. More than 40 thousand US students have lost a family member to COVID-19. Educators are calling for increased support to help create learning environments where their students can feel safe and accepted, and cultivate their capacity to thrive.

At Mindful Schools, we hear how the smallest nurturing interactions can make the biggest impact. One principal shared that, because of their mindfulness training, their school counselors could invite kindergartners to use breathing practices to reduce anxiety during morning drop off:

“Kindergartners often cry at the gate on the first day—they don’t want to leave mom. But after the COVID year, we had kindergartners crying at the gate week three; week four. Schools are dealing now with social-emotional issues that they’ve never dealt with before, and they’re seeking answers.”

The simple shared practice of mindfulness offers hope. Another school leader shared:

“Folks are saying, “It’s good for my own personal healing. It’s good for me to be present. It’s good for my family and it’s easy to share.” And the energy has grown. We are using mindfulness to shift the climate in our school, to make it a place where folks just feel better about being there, regardless of what is happening.”

You can help increase our impact by making a contribution to Mindful Schools.

With your generosity and compassion, we can create mindful and loving schools where every adult and young person can connect with their unique talents, feel fully embraced by their community, and develop the agency to realize their full potential.

We can do this, together.

With gratitude, 

Seewan Eng
Executive Director

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