Now is the moment for mindfulness. 

I know these are difficult times. We’re experiencing an epic sense of loss at every turn: of life, human connection, community, and racial justice. It can be challenging to prioritize our own well-being.

And yet, now is the perfect moment to do so—right now is the perfect moment for mindfulness, a simple practice that helps us cut through the noise, catch our breath and focus on what matters most. 

In this year of upheaval, our community tells us that mindfulness is a lifeline, a true north star.

School communities today face unimaginable levels of burnout and stress. Through Mindful Schools’ programs, educators learn strategies to help students feel connected to their peers when they are feeling lonely, to cope with anxiety and overwhelm when their lives feel stressful, and to develop focus when they are learning at home without the usual support of in-person instruction. 

This is so important because the classroom is often the only connection students have to the outside world during this period of isolation.

It is crucial to invest in mental health and well-being so that schools can survive and thrive over the next year. I invite you to make a gift to Mindful Schools today. Together we can bring joy and balance to educational communities most in need. 

Your generosity will empower educators to cultivate a calm and courageous heart and to share practices to help students stay emotionally balanced amidst tremendous uncertainty. When educators are resourced, they create equitable, supportive, and joyful learning environments in which their students heal and thrive. 

As a former middle school teacher who burned out after nine years in the classroom, I am painfully aware of how stress, negative self-talk, overwork, and despair can lead to reactive decision-making.

I bring to my role as Executive Director an unwavering belief in the power of mindfulness as a classroom intervention.

In my last year of teaching, I got stuck in cycles that depleted my ability to be the curious, kind, and brave teacher I aspired to be and that my students deserved.

I wish I had known back then what I know now: that a mindfulness practice would have given me the presence to see things more clearly, that having greater awareness, gratitude, and compassion would help me return to a place of lightness, joy, and authenticity, where my best teaching self could shine to support my students

I am committed to sharing that insight with others now, but I can’t do it alone. We rely on donations to help bring our programs to our most vulnerable school communities. You can help by making a contribution to Mindful Schools before December 31st.

With your support, Mindful Schools will continue to bring a fierce dedication to the well-being of students and educators, a deep understanding of schools, and a diverse set of experiences leading for equity and school transformation. 

Share the gift of mindfulness to schools across the country and around the world by making a gift today, and we will get through this difficult moment with compassion, with integrity, with strength

In the midst of so much uncertainty, I have never felt more certain about the impact and potential of our work in schools.

In community, 

Seewan Eng
Executive Director

P.S. – With humility, might I suggest making your donation monthly? This kind of consistent support makes a huge impact and helps us sustain our work in schools.

P.P.S. Did you know that Mindful Schools has established an Equity in Action Scholarship Fund?

This year, the Equity in Action Scholarship Fund invests in educators who identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ and supports their participation in our year-long trainings, with affinity group experiences and significantly reduced tuition.  

Your generosity will provide inclusive and nurturing environments for our participants and the communities they serve. Thank you. 

This Giving Tuesday, help us increase our impact.


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