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Photo of Maria Achtemichuk-King

Maria Achtemichuk-King

Mindfulness Educator

Maria has been practicing mindfulness since 2010 and began teaching mindfulness to children in 2011 and adults in 2012.  In addition to in-school mindfulness programs, she…
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Photo of J. Robin Albertson-Wren

J. Robin Albertson-Wren

Mindfulness Instructor

A Place to Breathe – Yoga and Meditation Studio
J. Robin Albertson-Wren has been teaching elementary age children for over ​20 years in Charlottesville, Virginia. She is a classroom teacher, workshop leader and public…
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Photo of Devra Allen

Devra Allen

School Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Colorado Springs School District 11
Devra began her professional career working with youth in a residential treatment facility over 20 years ago.  She has worked within the foster care community as a home…
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Photo of Doug Allen

Doug Allen

School Principal

Edmonton Public Schools
Doug is a teacher, school leader and member of the Mindful Schools network of educators. He is currently Principal of Bessie Nichols School, a public school in Edmonton,…
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Photo of Luisa Alvizu

Luisa Alvizu

Mindfulness Meditation Instructor

Luisa F. Alvizu was trained as a medical doctor with a specialization in Dermatology. She developed an early interest in how the medical issues of her patients related to…
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Photo of Melissa Ambrose

Melissa Ambrose

Wellness Counselor

Oceana High School
Melissa Ambrose, LCSW/PPS, is the wellness counselor at Oceana High School, an alternative public high school in northern San Mateo County. Oceana is committed to developing…
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Photo of Sally Arnold

Sally Arnold

Mindfulness Educator

Mindful Compass
Sally Arnold has been teaching in the holistic health field for over 20 years. She has taught childbirth, parenting, and foster/adoption classes. Her passion is bringing…
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Photo of Judy Austin

Judy Austin

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Judy Austin is a child and adolescent therapist, teacher, and curriculum designer specializing in mindfulness, compassion, social justice, and movement. She teaches at Fort…
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Photo of Sandee Bandettini

Sandee Bandettini

Marriage and Family Therapist

Sandee Bandettini, MS, MFT has been working with children and families for more than 20 years. In teaching mindfulness, she brings her varied experience as a child therapist…
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Photo of Jill Barbosa-Gonzales

Jill Barbosa-Gonzales

Classroom Teacher

Jill Barbosa-Gonzales is National Board Certified Teacher in Health Education with over 25 years of experience teaching in Bay Area schools.  She credits Mindful Schools and…
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Photo of Marina Barnes

Marina Barnes

Instructional Aide

Saratoga High School
Marina’s journey of mindfulness began when she became a student and practitioner of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in 2007.  She was hoping NVC would help her build trust…
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Photo of Neena Barreto

Neena Barreto

Mindfulness Educator

New Haven Unified School District
Neena Barreto comes to this work with over 16 years as a classroom teacher in public elementary schools and a degree in English from Saint Mary's College. She started…
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Photo of Gleason Bauer

Gleason Bauer

Producing Artistic Director – Performing Arts Department Head

Marlborough School
Gleason was introduced to contemplative practices when she began her MFA training in Contemporary Performance at Naropa University in 2005. Inspired by a lineage of…
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Photo of Suzy Becker

Suzy Becker

Mindfulness Educator

The Peck School
Suzy Becker is a long-time practitioner of mindfulness and an enthusiastic life-long learner. A mother, grandmother, teacher, and avid world-traveler, Suzy brings a lifetime…
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Photo of Margo Benedetto

Margo Benedetto

Teacher, Mindfulness Instructor

Centralia School District
Margo Benedetto has been a public educator for over 25 years, teaching secondary English, Theater Arts and Spanish. She began sharing mindfulness with her high school students…
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Photo of Melissa Berg-Baker

Melissa Berg-Baker

Mindfulness Educator

Melissa has practiced mindfulness for more than 10 years and is living proof that understanding how to work with the mind and the body reduces a person's anxiety and…
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Photo of Richard Berger

Richard Berger

Mindfulness Teacher

Richard is a Professor Emeritus at University of Washington. His other credentials include:  Certified Mindfulness Facilitator UCLA, Certified Mindfulness-based Stress…
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Photo of Diane Bloch

Diane Bloch

English Learner Specialist

Pájaro Valley Unified School District
Diane Bloch has been a bilingual educator for over two decades, as a classroom teacher, a mentor for beginning teachers, and a reading specialist; she currently works as an…
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Photo of Janine Bloomfield

Janine Bloomfield

Janine Bloomfield has been practicing mindfulness and awareness meditation for more than 15 years. She has found it to be of great benefit for stress and anxiety reduction as…
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Photo of Nick Boyiatzis

Nick Boyiatzis

Professional School Counselor

NYC, DOE Bronxdale High School
Nick is a Professional School Counselor with the New York City, Department of Education and is passionate about bringing mindfulness practices to his students and staff at…
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