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Adrienne Lopez

Mindfulness Educator, Yoga Teacher, and Integrative Life Coach

Mindheart Space

Pleasant Hill, CA, USA

As a long-term practitioner of meditation and yoga, Adrienne has promoted social and emotional well-being in schools throughout her 15-year career as an educator. She integrated Nonviolent Communication and social justice topics in her English Language Arts classroom and continued to expand her contribution by completing the Mindful Schools Year-long Certification Program in 2014. Since then, she has been teaching mindfulness to her students, fellow teachers, school staff, parents, and the local community. Additionally, serving as a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Coordinator (PBIS) for the last 2 years (2017-19), Adrienne has worked to develop SEL programs to promote positive interactions on her campus and district.  She has also had opportunities to present on the topics of mindfulness, SEL, and PBIS at the annual Multi-cultural Education conference at CSUS, the Peaceful Schools Conference, and several school districts.

Adrienne has now taken her passion for promoting mental and emotional well-being into the roles of independent Mindfulness Educator, Yoga Teacher, and Integrative Life Coach. She specializes in Non-violent Communication (NVC), Heart -Centered Yoga, and a trauma informed approach to life-coaching. She works with organizations, youth, and adults.

Home Phone: 925-852-9442

Personal Email: adriennelopez@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.mindheart-space.com/

Professions & Roles

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  • Education / Classroom Program
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  • 6th-8th
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Hanna Allen

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Vancouver Pubic Schools

Vancouver, WA, USA

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Hanna Allen

Behavior Specialist/ Counselor

Vancouver Public Schools

Vancouver, WA, USA

Hanna teaches children and their educators together how to care for themselves and each other amidst the complexity of the school day through role-modeling mindfulness, community meeting...

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Oceana High School

Pacifica, CA, USA

Melissa Ambrose, LCSW/PPS, is the wellness counselor at Oceana High School, an alternative public high school in northern San Mateo County. Oceana is committed to developing the...

Sally Arnold

Mindfulness Educator

Mindful Compass

Sonora, CA, USA

Sally Arnold has been teaching in the holistic health field for over 20 years. She has taught childbirth, parenting, and foster/adoption classes. Her passion is bringing mindfulness...

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