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Anne Love

Mindfulness Consultant

Melbourne VIC Australia

Home Phone: 0419517377 Website:

About My Work


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Anne is a committed mindfulness practitioner who continues to deepen and enjoy her own practice. She has been practicing yoga since 1998, went to her first meditation retreat in 2001 and has been practicing and studying mindfulness since 2009. Her commitment to practice was consolidated while living in the USA for 6 years where she studied meditation and mindfulness initially to deepen her own practice and then with Mindful Schools as a way to share the practice with youth. She has taught mindfulness in schools and universities in both USA and Australia and lectures in Mindfulness at the Australian Yoga Academy. Anne also spent over 15 years in senior consulting roles in the area of Human Resource Development. She has completed a Master of Education and Bachelor Management in HRM. Anne has 2 young children.