Photo of Babs Freeman-Loftis

Babs Freeman-Loftis

Mindfulness Educator and Project Manager of SEL

Nashville TN USA

Home Phone: 615-618-6830

About My Work


  • Outside Provider


  • K5
  • 6th-8th
  • 9th-12th
  • Higher Ed


  • Education / Classroom Program
  • Families & One-on-One
  • Other


In school programs for students and teachers
Professional development for educators and administrators
Presentations/classes for parents
Integrating mindfulness and SEL into classroom circle practices and throughout the academic day


Babs Freeman-Loftis is co-founder of Mindfulness in Nashville Education, a gathering place where those committed to mindfulness find connection, inspiration, education, resources and support for promoting mindful awareness practice in the lives of children.  She is also founding partner of the Center for Integrative Learning and Teaching Nashville.

Babs has a long-time mindfulness practice and integrates mindfulness and SEL into her work with students, parents and educators.  She has worked to bring Social and Emotional Learning and support to teachers, parents, administrators and students for more than two decades through her work at University School of Nashville and as a consulting teacher and professional development specialist for Responsive Classroom.   She currently serves as Project Manager for Social and Emotional Learning in Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS).

In addition to being a certified instructor with Mindful Schools, Babs has also received training in Restorative Circles.