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Beth Merkel

Mindful Leadership Training and Development Program Designer

Omaha NE USA

Home Phone: 402-516-4177

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Mindfulness Instruction for adults, young adults, and professionals, speaker, Mindful Leadership Trainer


The most effective leaders are those who believe there is infinite possibility in every moment.  Beth Merkel, M.OL., specializes in helping leaders maximize the potential of each situation by enhancing their awareness of the limitless possibilities present in every experience.  She designs customized mindfulness-based programs to increase the leader’s awareness of their organization, situation, others, and themselves. The enhanced situational and emotional awareness gained through mindfulness practice allows those in leadership roles to respond to the challenges of leadership skillfully with enhanced ability to innovate, manage risk, and identify opportunity. Beth is a skilled leadership and mindfulness teacher/trainer, an active mindfulness and leadership researcher, a successful entrepreneur, and a life-long mindfulness seeker.  Please visit her Linked In page for a detailed resume