Photo of Coke Hennessy

Coke Hennessy

Mindfulness Instructor

St. Louis MO USA

Home Phone: (314) 413-3222

About My Work


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  • PreK
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  • Education / Classroom Program


Coke has worked with pre-school, elementary, and middle school students, teaching a comprehensive mindfulness program for 6 years. She has also spoken to groups of adults, including hospice staff members, long-term care social workers, and hospice volunteers, about ways that mindfulness could be utilized in their work.


Coke Hennessy spent 36 years as an estate planning and tax lawyer.  She spent about 10 years training to teach mindfulness to children, which included a variety of workshops and retreats devoted to teaching mindfulness to young people.  Coke completed the Mindful Education Institute (MEI), a year-long training taught leaders in the mindfulness and education field. She was certified as a Mindfulness Instructor in 2014 by Mindful Schools.