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d. jylani ma’at brown

Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement Instructor

Oakland CA USA Los Angeles CA USA

Home Phone: 510-209-7632

About My Work


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  • K5
  • 6th-8th
  • 9th-12th
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I specialize in sharing mindfulness, meditation, and movement with inclusive, diverse and underserved communities. Other specialties include: working with children in underserved environments, teachers, administrators, school staff, community outreach, social justice agendas, one-on-one, and diversity practitioners.


As a veteran educator, jylani ma’at, brings years of experience working within public, private, and independent schools. She is extremely deliberate about integrating diverse, children’s literature and culturally relevant content into the programming. Her work with children and the community of adults that support them reflects opportunities to connect mindfulness to spiritual, mental and physical wellness. Social justice and issues of global competence are frequent themes that encourage preliminary and deeper contemplation.

As a woman, mother and teacher of African descent, jylani takes pride in creating space for her cultural heritage and expression to be an integral part of her practice. Jylani encourages and facilitates programs that offer every participant the opportunity to fully see themselves in the moment and to honor their culture in their practice as well. jylani views mindfulness as a tool for peace, wellness, justice and education. She believes the more connections we make to our practice, the greater the realization for connections with others around the world.