Photo of Dawna Phillips

Dawna Phillips

Mindfulness Educator

Framingham MA USA

About My Work


  • Outside Provider


  • K5
  • 6th-8th


  • Education / Classroom Program


Dawna’s experience of sharing the mindfulness lessons in Montessori K-6 classrooms since 2011 continues to show her that children have a lot of wisdom to share. She remains deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn with them.

Since 2007, Dawna has been engaged with mindfulness practices, including yoga, mindfulness meditation, silent retreats, and endurance events (e.g., marathons, triathlons). She is a mother of two children and has experience working with children of all ages, parents, teachers, community members, religious leaders, and adults with developmental disabilities. In addition to being a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor, Dawna has a Master of Public Health in Community Health Education.

Dawna is passionate about continuing to learn and sharing tools with others to be more mindful, present and grateful so that we may know ourselves better and have more meaningful experiences.