Photo of Doug Allen

Doug Allen

Mindfulness Educator and Consultant

Edmonton Alberta Canada

Home Phone: 780-729-7627

About My Work


  • School Administrator


  • K5
  • 6th-8th
  • 9th-12th


  • Education / Classroom Program


Doug works with children, adolescents, teachers, and school administrators to support the teaching of mindfulness in schools.


Doug is a retired teacher, school leader, and member of the Mindful Schools network of educators. He has recently retired from his position of School Principal in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Doug has been an educator for the past 28 years. He spent 14 years as Principal of several schools in Edmonton and one year as Principal of a charitable school in Bihar, India.

Several years ago, Doug realized he could bring his passion for mindfulness to his students, successfully implementing a school-wide Mindfulness program in his K-9 school. Since then he has provided support to school faculties, educational leadership groups, education students, and individual classroom teachers.

Doug is always willing to share his experiences and provide support to educators wanting to bring the benefits of mindfulness to their own students.