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Gita Nilforoush

Mindfulness Instructor

San Rafael CA USA

Cell Phone: 415-259-7617 Website:

About My Work


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Working with young professionals introducing them to the benefits of mindfulness and helping them reduce stress and burnout of their workplace while finding and sustaining balance and wellness. Teaching Mindfulness virtually one on one and group sessions to college students and adult professionals via Facetime and other social media platforms nationally and internationally.


Gita was introduced to meditation at a young age. She is the founder of Meditation for All Ages Gita is an experienced mindfulness instructor that has been studying Buddhism philosophy and meditation practices for over 25 years. She has studied with well-known meditation masters both nationally & internationally; attended many courses and retreats and has graduated to teach mindfulness meditation after years of intensive studies. Further, she has extensive management and finance experience both as a high executive and an entrepreneur.

Gita completed six-month long meditation teacher training course with Willpower Institute in Canada & Thailand and obtained the Meditation Instructor Certificate;
She has received her mindfulness training through Mindful Schools, and successfully completed the Year-Long certification program and became a Mindful Schools Certified Mindfulness Instructor (CMI). She also has a depth knowledge, training and practice of Yoga, and carry a Reiki certificate.

Gita enjoys sharing her passion through teaching mindfulness techniques to executives, parents, teachers, and students; helping them to learn this profound mind training practices, which brings clarity and awareness to their minds.

She truly believes that Mindfulness practices allow for greater concentration, productivity, resiliency, self-management, and sense of happiness.