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Heather Van Fleet

Coach, Facilitator, Educator

Bangkok Bangkok Thailand

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Heather, M.Ed., is a international coach, trainer, and educator that began her teaching career in ESL classrooms in the U.S. almost 20 years ago. She has taught and trained teachers in a number of countries such as Spain, El Salvador, Mexico, and now Thailand. While living in Spain, she was also the Director of Studies of a private language academy, and now she aims to support other leaders in education. Heather is passionate about mindfulness and social & emotional, and she also enjoys walking and being in nature, reading, doing yoga, and spending time with family and friends.


I specialize in coaching of adults to support mindfulness and social and emotional intelligence skills development. I am trained as a Narrative Coach and use mindfulness to bring awareness to how our mindsets and narratives influence our our lives. I also use embodiment practices in coaching to support self-awareness and regulation skills.

While I have experience teaching mindfulness to teenagers and university aged students, I specialize in teaching mindfulness lessons to students ages 3-6 (preschool).

The mindfulness preschool classes are based on curriculum from Mindful Schools, Little Flower Yoga, and the Kindness Curriculum by the Center for Healthy Minds. The lessons focus on active, sensory experiences to explore and experiment with mindfulness under themes supporting social and emotional skill development, such as identifying and expressing emotions.