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Julie Pearl

Mindfulness Educator

Centreville VA USA

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Julie Pearl is the founder of Getting Mindful LLC, which offers mindfulness classes to youth and adults. She has been an educator for 13 years with the past eight in Fairfax County Schools (FCPS) in Northern Virginia as an Instructional Assistant, and then substitute teacher. She is passionate about Mindfulness and its lifelong benefits.

Julie’s journey to mindfulness began growing up in NY and the South Florida area before moving overseas. She graduated high school in Kenya, lived and traveled in Europe, China, Japan and South America, and settled in Northern Virginia. She graduated from George Mason University and was a Software Design/Developer before taking a hiatus from the corporate arena to raise her three children.

Julie discovered early that her daughter struggled with sensory sensitivity and anxiety, so when FCPS hosted a workshop called ‘Managing Stress Using Mindfulness’ at one of the high schools, she attended. The speakers at the event were renowned mindfulness teacher Tara Brach and Congressman Tim Ryan. Their stories of learning and living mindfully sparked Julie’s interest in mindfulness and the Congressman’s passion and dream to bring mindfulness to every school in the country inspired her.

After the workshop Julie said she was forever changed. She delved into mindfulness; she became a student, practitioner, and eventually a certified mindfulness teacher with Mindful Schools. She then founded Getting Mindful LLC, and offers 8 week programs for kids, because she shares the same passion as Congressman Ryan; to bring mindfulness to youth. Julie also received certification from Shamash Alidina, a mindfulness author and teacher trainer in the UK, and offers six-week adult classes year round. She is working to add ‘Parents Getting Mindful’ and ‘Getting Mindful in the Workplace’ to her programs beginning spring 2018.