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Kerri Bacall

Registered Nurse, Mindfulness Director and Practitioner

Springfield NJ USA

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About My Work


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Kerri specializes in high school/college/adult level students experiencing stress and anxiety.
She teaches multiple mindfulness and stress reduction programs at her wellness center and at various schools and colleges.


Kerri Bacall is a Registered Nurse in the state of New Jersey. In addition to working as a nurse in the Cranford District, she also co-owns and operates Springfield Holistic Wellness, LLC which is a practice focused on addressing issues of the body, mind, and spirit in order to create holistic health from the inside out.

Throughout her work with K-12 students, Kerri recognized the urgent and profound need to provide students with tools to reduce the stresses under which today’s society places them. In response to this obvious need, Kerri co-founded and directs the R.I.S.E. Above (Resilience, Introspection, Self Compassion, Empathy) Mindfulness Program at Cranford High School and also teaches mindfulness at other schools in the surrounding area.

Kerri puts her Mindful Schools education, nursing expertise, and background as a member of the At Risk Youth Advisory Board for Spring Reins of Life to work teaching mindfulness, positive thinking, and stress reduction techniques to both students and adults. It is her mission to bring mindfulness to many more schools and institutions in order to provide individuals with the tools and techniques they need to both decrease their stress and anxiety and at the same time increase their focus, concentration and emotional regulation so they may reach their full potential.

Mindfulness is not only what Kerri does, but it is who she is. Teaching and practicing mindfulness is a great honor and a great challenge to Kerri. “I am very much aware that there are times when I am the teacher and there are times when I am the student. This inner learning is ongoing and keeps me humble. I am keenly aware that you never complete your education in mindfulness. It is a lifelong work in progress, and teaching it to others is my joyful obligation.”