Photo of Kevin Wever

Kevin Wever

Elementary School Teacher/ Mindfulness Educator

Pioneer CA USA

Home Phone: 209-295-6516

About My Work


  • Classroom Teacher


  • K5
  • 6th-8th


  • Education / Classroom Program
  • Families & One-on-One


Kevin specializes in teaching Mindfulness lessons and practice to students ages nine through thirteen. In traditional classroom settings, as well as one on one, she provides a safe, nurturing space for youth to gain insights and awareness of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Many of her students have suffered trauma caused by generational poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence, and emotional and physical neglect. She also incorporates mindfulness into her yoga class for kids.

Other Specialties:

  • holds Masters degree in Curriculum
  • 4th -6th grade
  • one-on-one
  • small group
  • full size classes


Since living in South East Asia as a teenager, Kevin has been drawn to Mindfulness and contemplative Studies. The commitment to personal practice and passion for the well being of her students led her to compassionate teaching. She believes that Mindfulness creates a space for students to experience balance in a world overwhelmed by busyness, social media, consumerism and technology. Mindfulness practice gives children permission to be still and quiet. It allows a time for them to witness and organize their thoughts and reactions along with developing positive, caring conversational skills. They can observe their environments and the people in them with curiosity and gratitude. After 28 years as a public school educator and developer of curriculum, Kevin has undeniable trust that children who practice Mindfulness, become adults that are Mindful!