Photo of Lora Mahnke

Lora Mahnke

National Board Certified Elementary Teacher and Mindfulness Instructor

Fairport NY USA

Home Phone: 585-626-9089

About My Work


  • Classroom Teacher


  • PreK
  • K5


  • Education / Classroom Program
  • Other


Lora specializes in teaching mindfulness classes to elementary age children. In addition, she offers professional development workshops for cultivating mindfulness personally, as well as incorporating mindfulness techniques within the classroom setting.


Lora Mahnke is a primary school teacher in Upstate New York, with 24 years of experience in education. She has been practicing and incorporating mindfulness instruction into her own kindergarten classroom, as well as pushing into classrooms within her school district since 2014. Lora has witnessed first hand the positive impact mindfulness has on students and adults in her school. She believes all children and adults should have the gift of learning how to practice mindfulness in order thrive in life.

In addition to being a Mindful School’s Yearlong Graduate, Lora has had training in the areas of Difficult Emotions and Non-Violent Communication. She is eager to continue sharing her passion for mindfulness by growing the program for youth and service providers in her community.