Photo of Marina Barnes

Marina Barnes

Instructional Aide

Saratoga CA USA

Cell Phone: 408-656-8811 Website:

About My Work


  • Other


  • 9th-12th


  • Education / Classroom Program
  • Families & One-on-One


  • Mindful Self Compassion practices
  • Supporting Special Ed students in a public high school setting
  • Mediation


Marina’s journey of mindfulness began when she became a student and practitioner of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in 2007.  She was hoping NVC would help her build trust and remove the barriers of misunderstanding to establish the connections she so longed for.  What Marina learned is that going through the motions of NVC does not get you trust, understanding, or connection.  What does, is becoming more and more aware of how your thinking and emotions play a role in what you’re going to say next.  And what you say next can either create connection or disconnection.

The mindful practices she has learned through Mindful Schools supports her in cultivating the awareness that leads to more self-connection, and to a deeper knowing of what is important during times of discomfort and distress. The cultivation of this awareness is what she wants to empower others in gaining.  To do this, it is a continuous journey of developing her own personal practice, and in sharing mindful practices to as many people in her community as possible.

Marina also supports community members in cultivating situational awareness by taking on the role of Mediator through Santa Clara County’s Office of Human Relations. She participates in their Community Mediation and Juvenile Victim Offender Mediation programs.  Most recently, she volunteered as a Mediator in the Santa Clara County Civil Harassment court.