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Marina Barnes

Tutoring Center Coordinator

Saratoga CA USA

Cell Phone: 408-656-8811 Website:

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Supporting teens in being kinder to themselves; in resolving their conflicts through mediation; and in cultivating more empathy through mindfulness.

Teaches Mindful Self Compassion for Teens and Communicating with Mindfulness.


Marina’s journey of mindfulness began when she became a student and practitioner of Nonviolent Communication in 2007. She slowly incorporated yoga, then mindfulness meditation, and then self compassion practices. Mindfulness has been the foundational practice for Marina in cultivating the awareness that leads to more self-connection, and to a deeper knowing of what matters in any given situation. During times of struggle, self compassion has taught her how to replace the self critical voice with a much gentler and kinder voice.

Marina runs the Tutoring Center at Saratoga High School. She shares mindfulness practices with her students to help ease the high academic stress that is prevalent. In the Tutoring Center, she creates a space where students can feel at ease. She is also teaching Making Friends with Yourself: A Mindful Self Compassion Program for Teens as an after school offering. In addition, Marina offers a weekly practice group in her Center, dedicating a space for mindfulness practice on campus. She is pursuing MFY Teacher Certification with mentorship by Dr Karen Bluth, co-creator of the MFY Program.

In her larger community, Marina offers Communication with Mindfulness workshops and is a Volunteer Mediator with the Santa Clara County’s Office of Human Relations. Here, she supports parties in conflict to see each other viewpoints while helping them identify new behaviors that will decrease conflict.