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Marta Donahoe


Asheville NC USA

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About My Work


  • Classroom Teacher
  • School Administrator


  • 6th-8th
  • 9th-12th
  • Higher Ed
  • Other


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I specialize in Montessori programs, as well as teacher education and professional development.


Marta Donahoe has studied mindfulness, formally and informally, for 10 years. She holds an MEd and is the executive director of CMStep. She was the founder of and program coordinator for Clark Montessori Jr & Sr High School. For 18 years Marta coordinated the development and implementation of the middle and high school Montessori program at Clark Montessori. She studied organizational development and Flawless Consulting with Peter Block and consults with Montessori schools all over the country. Marta has a master’s degree in Education from Xavier University. For 34 years she has taught ages 6-Adult and holds AMS credentials for ages 6-18. She is on the editorial board of Montessori Life and serves on the board of the Avanti Montessori Charter Management Organization. She is a frequent presenter at Montessori conferences and has published a dozen articles in Montessori journals.