Photo of Maura Fox

Maura Fox

Glen Falls NY USA

Home Phone: 518-791-6342

About My Work


  • Outside Provider


  • PreK
  • K5
  • 6th-8th
  • Other


  • After School
  • Agency / Mental Health
  • Education / Classroom Program
  • Families & One-on-One
  • Foster Care / Probation


Working with kids with ASD, emotional/behavioral deficits, executive function deficits, social cognition deficits.  Other credentials: Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist , National Board Certified Teacher- Exceptional Needs Specialist, Literacy Coach, professional development for teachers, adult training, and parent training.


Maura Fox has been in the field of education for 32 years. She believes that the more awareness we have about ourselves, how we think, approach tasks, function in the world, the more able we will be to make a choice to change. Her mission is to be the agent of change, dedicated to guiding kids and adults to reaching their full potential.