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Melissa Spencer

Founder/Owner of Peaceful World Yoga, Yoga and Mindfuness Teacher

Westminster CO USA

Home Phone: 303-483-5878 Website:

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  • PreK
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Cognitive-Based Therapy
Restorative Yoga
Mindfulness Coach


Melissa Spencer began her teaching career in South Florida in 1990 and moved to Colorado with her husband and two daughters in 1996.

Through the years she has taught as a classroom teacher, professional developer and served on the district literacy team in her district.

Spencer’s classroom experience ranges from teaching preschoolers to college students and every age in between.   During her time teaching in the classroom, she began developing a metacognition program that she and her students lovingly called, Lessons for a Peaceful World, naming themselves, “The Warriors for Peace.”

After retiring in 2012, Spencer began expanding her mindfulness and meditation practices more broadly into schools as an outside provider and college instructor and officially founded Peaceful World Yoga, a secular mindful-based company in the Denver-Metro area.

Peaceful World is a hybrid of classical mindfulness and meditation practices that have been adapted for children, teens and adults and taught in a secular way that is easily implemented into the daily routine of classrooms.

Spencer has truly embraced mindfulness as a way of living in the world.  She believes that mindfulness is the tool and resource that is greatly needed in today’s classrooms.

Spencer is passionately dedicated to educating youth of all ages in navigating the world they live in, whatever that may be and gently guides youth and adults of all ages in how their minds, hearts and bodies communicate with one another, by  providing tools to cultivate attention and to develop kindness and compassion towards themselves and others.  As a result, today’s youth and adults are building the muscle of mindfulness and creating a more peaceful planet.

Spencer invites everyone to join the Mindfulness Movement and to become a PIONEER of Mindfulness in Education.  It’s that simple!