Photo of Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith

School Counselor/Licensed Professional Counselor

Fort Worth TX USA

Home Phone: 804-986-0586

About My Work


  • School Administrator


  • K5
  • 6th-8th


  • Education / Classroom Program


I specialize in sharing the beauty of mindfulness to those new to this skill and those further developing their practice, empowering people of all ages to find the joy and peace that comes with learning to be present in the moment. I primarily work with private school students but enjoy any opportunity to model and teach those open to finding the benefits to live mindfully.


Nicole has over 18 years practicing as a licensed professional counselor, primarily working with youth and adolescents. She uses various approaches to help her client’s achieve their personal best-emotionally, behaviorally and socially. Mindfulness and yoga (she is a trained children’s yoga instructor, as well) are two specific tools that add to her expertise. Nicole strives to empower her students to identify their strengths and believe in themselves to best navigate their feelings, thoughts and responses in a world full of change and unpredictability.