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Rebecca Eller

Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Teacher

Waunakee WI USA

Home Phone: 608-345-5107 Website:

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I spend a lot of time working with classrooms and individual students of all ages. I teach and support school staff and offer community classes and workshops on mindfulness fundamentals. I work with and mentor educators and parents to bring mindfulness to the youth they work with and care for. I offer professional development training to health care professionals, specializing in teaching the physiologic processes and embodiment of mindfulness practices and the application in working with and helping facilitate presence in others. I have presented at several conferences in Wisconsin, school-based and health related.


Rebecca Eller, PT, RYT, and Mindfulness Teacher has 18 years of study and practice in body and mind sciences. Rebecca holds a masters degree in physical therapy and is a registered yoga teacher, currently working part time as the PT and Mindfulness educator at Lodi School District in Wisconsin. Rebecca teaches community-based Mindfulness and Stress management classes and teaches in several school districts in WI and MI to infuse mindfulness into education. Rebecca helped develop and teaches Mindful Being in Education, a graduate level professional development class available to educators, and co-created Mindful Minute Meditation Cards to help facilitate mindful meditation practices with children. She teaches children and adults. Rebecca is devoted to helping children and families integrate and regulate their body systems, learn and develop their identity from a secure place within and be more engaged and independent in their life experience. Learn more at