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Sandra Delaney


Cambridge MA USA

Home Phone: 617-947-5741

About My Work


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  • K5
  • 6th-8th
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  • Education / Classroom Program
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Experienced educator: reading and writing one-on-one tutor, literacy teacher, academic challenge facilitator, resource teacher, elementary math tutor.  MBSR trained, Vipassana meditator.


Sandra has worked with students across the age, grades and learning spectrum. She has also worked with teachers to develop professional approaches to engaging differing learning styles. Sandra loves working with children and understanding their perspective on the world around them.  Her belief is that children enrich our lives immeasurably . Sandra enjoys sharing her passion for learning with her students. She seeks to understand her students’ passions so that she can learn alongside them. Sandra also volunteered for many years as Children’s Program Coordinator Family Retreat Insight Meditation Society.