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Susi Brennan

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San Francisco CA USA

Home Phone: 415-515-3957

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Susi specializes in teaching mindfulness to grades K-5 with an additional 8 years experience teaching middle school students, coaching teachers and school staff, working with students diagnosed with ADHD and other mild/moderate learning differences.


Susi has been a public school teacher for 20 years. From 2002-2014 she taught grades 4-8 and special education at San Francisco Community School, an alternative public school focused on project-based learning, multi-age classrooms and social justice. She most recently held the position of Instructional Reform Facilitator at Daniel Webster Elementary in San Francisco where she worked to support and empower teachers through facilitating grade level meetings, co-designing professional development, and helping to create a shared leadership model.
When Susi discovered mindfulness in 2013, she noticed how her personal practice supported her work with students diagnosed with ADHD and learning differences and her own children. A year later, she helped start a mindfulness program at Daniel Webster, teaching mindfulness to K-5 classes and inviting teachers to get trained. Almost half of the teachers/staff have been trained and now her focus is on supporting them on this journey. Susi believes strongly that teachers and staff who embody mindfulness and compassion have the greatest impact on the well-being of the whole school community. Her work in schools and the communities they serve has fed a passion for social justice through building reflective, compassionate, empowered learning communities.