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Photo of Mark Stefanski

Mark Stefanski

Mindfulness Educator and Science Teacher

Marin Academy
Building upon 15 years of personal practice and 31 years of experience teaching high school science, Mark Stefanski has adapted the Mindful Schools curriculum to serve young…
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Photo of Kimberly Stratton

Kimberly Stratton

Executive Director

Mental Health America of York and Adams Counties
Kimberly is a mindfulness meditation practitioner and trained instructor. She has a degree in psychology and has worked in the mental health field since 2000. It was during…
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Photo of Leigh Suga

Leigh Suga

School Counselor/Social Worker

San Jose Unified School District
Leigh Suga has worked with youth for over a decade in educational settings. She incorporates mindfulness into her work as a counselor through individual, small group and whole…
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Photo of Jason Tackett

Jason Tackett

Mindfulness Educator

Resources One to Another
Jason Tackett is a special education teacher and mindfulness educator in Salt Lake City, Utah. In his 15-year career, Jason has worked predominantly with students identified…
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Photo of Cheen Chong Tan

Cheen Chong Tan

Mindfulness Educator

Cheen works on both ends of the pace of work spectrum. He's a technopreneur with over 20 years experience in IT. As a beneficiary of regular awareness practice, he's also…
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Photo of Joanie Terrizzi

Joanie Terrizzi

School Librarian

New York City Department of Education
Joanie Terrizzi is a school librarian in New York City who integrates mindfulness into her program, working to create a whole-school model.  She is fascinated by teacher…
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Photo of Harolyn Thiemke

Harolyn Thiemke

Outside Provider Mindfulness Instructor

Harolyn worked as a crisis intervention social worker for over 25 years helping families resolve stressful issues that impacted their lives. She also worked with young mothers…
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Photo of Beth Thornburg

Beth Thornburg

Mindfulness Educator

Beth Thornburg has been sharing her love of nature, animals, crafts and food with children and youth in non-classroom settings for more than four decades. Using this…
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Photo of Penny Todd

Penny Todd

Mindfulness Educator

Penny began studying mindfulness in 2013 and quickly reaped the benefits in her own life. Mindfulness heightened her awareness of the beauty in life, guided through…
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Photo of Pamela Tomassetti Hulbert

Pamela Tomassetti Hulbert

Elementary Educator & Mindfulness Instructor

Maumee Valley Country Day School
Pamela Tomassetti Hulbert, a graduate of Seton Hill University (1980), The Catholic University of America (1984), and the LAUSD District Intern Program (1999) is presently a…
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Photo of Royce Tranum

Royce Tranum

Behavioral Health Coordinator

San Juan BOCES
Royce has been a school social worker and youth/family mental health provider for over 20 years. She is passionate about the power of connection and a strong advocate for…
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Photo of Chelsea True

Chelsea True

Executive Director, Mindfulness Instructor

Joyful Mind Project
Chelsea True is the founder of Joyful Mind Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit bringing mindfulness education to schools and families in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She brings…
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Photo of Tawn Turnesa

Tawn Turnesa

Health & PE Teacher

Sleepy Hollow High School
Tawn has thrown herself into mindfulness at every level at her school. She has created presentations and presented to teachers, administrators, coaches, and athletic directors…
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Photo of Ellen Turverey

Ellen Turverey

School Counselor

Ellen has been in the educational field for 20 years counseling K - 12 students and their parents as well as school staff members. She has conducted service training for…
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Photo of Anne Uecker

Anne Uecker

Child Neuropsychologist

MaineGeneral Medical Center
Anne Uecker is a Child Neuropsychologist who works in a hospital setting.  Anne began to practice meditation as an outgrowth of being an athlete (various sports) and…
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Photo of Brian Upholz

Brian Upholz

Music Teacher

Manatee Charter School

Brian Upholz has taught in public education since 2007 specializing in science…

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Photo of Christy Urban

Christy Urban

Mindfulness Educator

Christy initially studied mindfulness to help her manage her chronic pain from pudendal neuralgia, however, she discovered the many benefits of maintaining a personal…
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Photo of Maria Usewick

Maria Usewick

Occupational Therapist/Mindfulness Teacher/Trainer

Anchored Minds & Bodies, LLC
Maria Usewick is based in New Jersey and incorporates her knowledge and experience as a licensed occupational therapist, for over 20 years, with her practice as a certified…
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Photo of Amira Valle

Amira Valle

Program Director

Elephant Wise
Amira Valle is a 25 years meditation practitioner. A scientist who worked researching the effects of meditation in the brain. Author of the book "Alice in Consciousland",…
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Photo of Anca van der Linden

Anca van der Linden

Mindfulness Trainer

Pragmatic Mindfulness
Anca has lived, studied and worked in four countries and her career took many turns, from elementary school teacher to working with language teachers, connecting students from…
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