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Photo of Heather Van Fleet

Heather Van Fleet

Coach, Facilitator, Educator

I specialize in coaching of adults to support mindfulness and social and emotional intelligence skills development. I am trained as a Narrative Coach and use mindfulness to…
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Photo of Michael Vande Loo

Michael Vande Loo

Elementary School Counselor- Head of Counseling Department

Carol Morgan School
Michael Vande Loo is a licensed School Psychologist (NCSP) with 18 years of educational experience. Michael started working as a school psychologist (Pre-K to 12) in public…
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Photo of Cheryl Vidger Brause

Cheryl Vidger Brause

Mindfulness Instructor, Trainer, Speaker and Executive Director

Cheryl Vigder Brause is the Founder and Executive Director of 2bpresent, an organization dedicated to making mindfulness more accessible to all. Once a corporate litigator and…
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Photo of Michelle Visser

Michelle Visser

Mindfulness Instructor

In an effort to cultivate strategies for greater focus and self-regulation, Michelle has been offering Mindfulness practice in elementary classrooms and in after-school…
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Photo of Sharon Vitella

Sharon Vitella

Assistant Superintendent

Mt. Laurel School District
Sharon Vitella, Ed.D. …
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Photo of Srdjan Vukcevic

Srdjan Vukcevic

Mindfulness Coach

Blue Coach
Srdjan comes into this area with over 15 years of formal and intensive leadership and coaching training and a background in teaching and education. Through practicing Kendo…
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Photo of Pam Walton

Pam Walton

Licensed Mental Health Clinician

Napa Valley Unified School District
Pam has been practicing and studying mindfulness since 1986, including 3 ½ years in intensive, formal retreat. Pam is a mental health consultant, clinical supervisor and…
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Photo of Patti Ward

Patti Ward

Mindfulness Educator and Educational Consultant

Patricia Ward has over 35 years of experience working in schools with students, teachers and school leaders.  She has a Masters degree in the area of Learning Disabilities,…
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Photo of David Watson

David Watson

Mindfulness Teacher

The Mindful Mentor
Dave is a dedicated mindfulness practitioner and teacher who is currently working with high school students, adults in his community and incarcerated youth at Los Angeles…
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Photo of Mehrnoosh Watson

Mehrnoosh Watson

Teacher, Parenting and Early Childhood Consultant

Thoreau School and Private Practice
Mehrnoosh Watson weaves the insights gained from her work as an educational consultant, Parent Coach, Mindful Instructor and years of experience as a public school teacher.…
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Photo of Rosie Waugh

Rosie Waugh

Mindfulness Coordinator

McLean School
Rosie Waugh has over 30 years experience as an independent school educator. During that time she has served as a school administrator and classroom teacher. Ms. Waugh is…
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Photo of Sarah Waxman

Sarah Waxman

Outside Provider

Sarah Waxman has been a children’s yoga and mindfulness teacher since 2010. Originally from Washington, D.C., she has taught in various schools, after-school programs, and…
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Photo of Emily Tara Weiner

Emily Tara Weiner

Marriage and Family Therapy Intern and Registered Art Therapist

Mindful Art Program
Emily has a duel master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy from NDNU in Belmont, CA, and brings over a decade of formal meditation and mindfulness…
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Photo of Vanessa Weiner

Vanessa Weiner

Executive Director

Center for Resilience
With a practice that started in adolescence, Vanessa Weiner is passionate about sharing mindfulness with people of all ages. She founded the organization in 2012 initially to…
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Photo of Sue West

Sue West

Classroom teacher and Mindfulness Instructor

Maine Coast Semester at Chewonki
Sue has been a classroom art teacher at the high school level for over 30 years, and was one of the founding faculty of the Maine Coast Semester at Chewonki in Wiscasset,…
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Photo of Kevin Wever

Kevin Wever

Elementary School Teacher/ Mindfulness Educator

Pioneer VAPA School
Since living in South East Asia as a teenager, Kevin has been drawn to Mindfulness and contemplative Studies. The commitment to personal practice and passion for the well…
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Photo of Abigail Wilber

Abigail Wilber

Mindfulness and Yoga Educator/Trainer/Consultant

Abigail Wilber is an educator of yoga and mindfulness for children and adults. Her passion is to empower children by giving them tools that support them during the challenges…
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Photo of Jen Wilkinson

Jen Wilkinson

Until recently, Jen Wilkinson kept her mindfulness practices separate from her workplace. Now, she investigates ways to integrate mindfulness in her school community as a…
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Photo of Susie Wolbe

Susie Wolbe


Dr Susie Wolbe’s Educational Services
Dr Susie Wolbe started her career as an educator, serving as a classroom teacher in the public school system, and both classroom teacher and principal in private schools.…
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Photo of Maja Wrzesien

Maja Wrzesien

Psychologist and Researcher

Maja Wrzesien has a PhD in Clinical Psychology. As researcher, she has specialized in the application of new technologies in mental health and education. She is a member of…
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