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Photo of Linette Bixby

Linette Bixby

Mindful Educator

Mindful Paths, LCC
Linette Bixby is a graduate of Whitman College (1996) and is Washington State Certified Teacher She has worked with kids and their families for over 20 years in many…
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Photo of Diane Bloch

Diane Bloch

English Learner Specialist

Pájaro Valley Unified School District
Diane Bloch has been a bilingual educator for over two decades, as a classroom teacher, a mentor for beginning teachers, and a reading specialist; she currently works as an…
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Photo of Janine Bloomfield

Janine Bloomfield

Janine Bloomfield has been practicing mindfulness and awareness meditation for more than 15 years. She has found it to be of great benefit for stress and anxiety reduction as…
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Photo of Tere Bowen-Irish

Tere Bowen-Irish

Mindfulness Instructor, Occupational Therapist and Yogakids Teacher

All the Possibilities
Tere Bowen-Irish has been practicing occupational therapy for over 40 years in pediatrics and psychiatry. Tere focuses on providing assessment, treatment and collaborative…
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Photo of Nick Boyiatzis

Nick Boyiatzis

Professional School Counselor

NYC, DOE Bronxdale High School
Nick is a Professional School Counselor with the New York City, Department of Education and is passionate about bringing mindfulness practices to his students and staff at…
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Photo of Caroline Brackmann

Caroline Brackmann

PYP G2 Teacher

International School of Ulaanbaatar
Caroline has been practicing mindfulness for 5 years. In her search to find ways that bring peace and wellness to schools, she shares the resource of yoga and mindful…
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Photo of Lynne Brazg

Lynne Brazg

Parent Coach

Community of Mindful Parents
Lynne Brazg, M.Ed (Counseling) has retired from school counseling and is a parent educator and coach. She has over 18 years of experience working with children and parents…
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Photo of Susi Brennan

Susi Brennan

Teacher Support

San Francisco Unified School District
Susi has been a public school teacher for 20 years. From 2002-2014 she taught grades 4-8 and special education at San Francisco Community School, an alternative public school…
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Photo of Debbie Brevard

Debbie Brevard

Assistant Director of Vocational Rehab/Job Coach/Horticultural Specialist

Center for Living and Learning
Debbie is dedicated to the service of others and has a deep desire to see people grow, increase awareness, and reach their highest potential. She thrives in an organized work…
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Photo of Monica Brillig

Monica Brillig

Classroom Teacher

Monica is an experienced classroom teacher in public school and has been including mindfulness instruction with her students for the past three years.  With a Master's degree…
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Photo of Julie Brody

Julie Brody

Mindfulness Educator

BSN, MAWS (Master's Degree in Women's Spirituality), Certified Yoga Instructor …
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Photo of d. jylani ma’at brown

d. jylani ma’at brown

Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement Instructor

the practice peace project
As a veteran educator, jylani ma'at, brings years of experience working within public, private, and independent schools. She is extremely deliberate about integrating diverse,…
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Photo of Mary Brown

Mary Brown

Mindfulness Teacher

Mind and Body Wellness
Practicing mindfulness has been life-changing for me. I was brought to Mindfulness after suffering from chronic stress and experiencing personal and family health issues. It…
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Photo of W. Alan Brown

W. Alan Brown

Administrator, Mindfulness Educator, Coach, & Consultant

Grace Church School
Alan Brown is a Dean at Grace Church School in New York City, where he also leads the 9th-12th grade mindfulness program as well as the parent mindfulness program.  ​Alan…
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Photo of Gary Buck

Gary Buck

Post Doc Intern

The Child Therapy Institute
Gary Buck has a PhD in Psychology from Meridian University and is currently a post-doc intern at The Child Therapy Institute in both San Rafael and Petaluma, CA where he uses…
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Photo of Karen Bullard

Karen Bullard

Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor

Karbma Yoga
Karen Bullard (aka Karb) has been practicing yoga for over 17 years and has had a daily mindfulness practice for the last 6. As well as the year-long certification via Mindful…
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Photo of Kathleen Callaghan

Kathleen Callaghan

Speech-Language Pathologist

Kathleen is a Speech-Language Pathologist who works with children and adolescents between the ages of 2-18, both in a private clinic and in a school-setting.  Kathleen is…
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Photo of Mary Beth Callahan

Mary Beth Callahan

Classroom Teacher and Mindfulness Instructor

Mary Beth, M.Ed is a mindful educator with a range of joyful experiences teaching and …
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Photo of Shauna Callahan

Shauna Callahan

Associate Director of Academic Technology

Marlborough School
Shauna Callahan began her mindfulness journey in 2010. As an educator, she quickly realized the potential for mindfulness in the classroom and is committed to bringing these…
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Photo of Jeff Camozzi

Jeff Camozzi

Mindfulness Instructor

West Coast Mindfulness
With over a decade of formal and informal mindfulness practice, Jeff has committed to offering this methodology of insight to freedom where it is needed most. To the youth…
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