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Photo of Jayne Capetanakis

Jayne Capetanakis

Elementary School Principal

Jayne Capetanakis is proud to be a lifelong resident of Brooklyn who has spent her career educating students in her home borough. Since 2006, she has been the Principal of a…
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Photo of Ellen Carlton

Ellen Carlton


Sonoma State University
Utilizing my expertise in applied performance psychology I guide individuals and groups toward reaching their performance goals in sport, the performing arts, and work…
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LIsa Carney

Mindfulness Educator

Lisa Carney has been a devoted teacher for 20 years. Mindfulness has become an important part of her classroom. She is a true believer that students who have experienced…
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Photo of Michelle Carr

Michelle Carr

Mindfulness Educator, Classroom Teacher, Professional Development Presenter

Sweetwater County School District #1 & Blue Sky Mindfulness, LLC
Michelle Carr, MS.Ed, has experience teaching all age and ability levels. Michelle's teaching certifications include early education (birth-grade 3), elementary education…
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Photo of Betsy Caruso

Betsy Caruso

Mindfulness Instructor

Growing Responsive Minds
Betsy has worked in urban schools for 15 years in a number of roles. Her primary teaching focus has been helping kids who learn differently to discover their strengths and use…
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Photo of Jennifer Casper

Jennifer Casper


Jennifer has been working in the education field since 1997. She is a middle school teacher in Michigan. She has experience teaching elementary and middle school Spanish and…
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Photo of Cathy Cebulski Sacco

Cathy Cebulski Sacco

Mindfulness Educator; Faculty; Montessori Teacher; Studio Artist

Xavier University; Cathy Cebulski Sacco LLC
Cathy Cebulski Sacco, MEd. is an educator, a consultant and an artist. She is deeply interested in helping students and faculty to cultivate self awareness, self-compassion,…
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Photo of Ann Chamberlain

Ann Chamberlain

Math Teacher

Ellicottville Central School
Ann Chamberlain has been teaching high school math for 20 years and sharing the benefits of mindfulness with her students whenever possible. She currently sprinkles…
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Photo of Wendy Chan

Wendy Chan

Mindfulness Instructor

A Masters in early childhood Montessori education began almost two decades as an educator for Wendy Chan. In 2015, it was however an eight-week MBSR course that was to open…
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Photo of Siri Chandler

Siri Chandler

Mindfulness Educator

Mindfulness for Children, Bangkok
After 15 years as an international school teacher, Siri Chandler chose to branch out in 2011 to bring mindfulness training to children, teens, teachers, and parents. Having…
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Photo of Cecilia Chapa Phillips

Cecilia Chapa Phillips

Bilingual Mindful Educator

Democracy Cafe
Cecilia has been a Spanish bilingual educator for over two decades and has traveled around the U.S. and the world establishing Socratic Dialogues a la Socrates Cafe. She is a…
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Photo of David Charny

David Charny

Mental Skills Coach/ Certified Personal Trainer

Charny Performance Coaching LLC
David Charny is an experienced¬†mindfulness¬†practitioner and is a 2017 graduate of the Mindful Schools Year Long certification. David received his M.S. in Sport and…
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Photo of Christine Chin

Christine Chin

Mindfulness Educator

Christine Higgins Chin has been exploring contemplative practices for over two decades. She relies on mindfulness practice for navigating everything from inter-cultural…
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Photo of Kristen Cipielewski

Kristen Cipielewski

Special Education/Classroom Teacher

Guangzhou Nanfang International School
Kristen has brought together her love for teaching children and her yoga teaching through mindfulness practice. She has been teaching overseas for 15 years at various…
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Photo of Lisa Cobb

Lisa Cobb

Social Worker/Behavior Specialist

North Muskegon Schools and Orchard View Schools
Lisa Cobb, LMSW, is a Licensed Therapist, School Social Worker, trainer and public speaker. She engages others in life changing techniques to gently and safely release…
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Photo of Alison Cohen

Alison Cohen

School Development Coach, Certified Mindfulness Instructor, Speaker

Mindful Change from the Inside Out
A former public high school teacher, Alison Cohen incorporates trauma-informed mindfulness into her instructional coaching and leadership work with educators, school leaders,…
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Photo of Maureen Collins

Maureen Collins

Mindfulness Instructor and YogaKids Teacher

Teaching has always been about heart for Maureen. A Certified YogaKids Inc. Teacher and former Middle School Teacher of almost 20 years, she shares her heart to fully connect…
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Photo of Leith Colton

Leith Colton

Community Wellness Director

Port Chester Carver Center
Leith Colton comes to the work as a licensed social worker, educational consultant and stress management facilitator. She has a diverse professional background which includes…
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Photo of Danielle Conforti

Danielle Conforti

Educator, Mindfulness Facilitator

Danielle began her journey in elementary education over 20 years ago. As her personal yoga and mindfulness practice flourished she began incorporating tools of the practice in…
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Photo of Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist/Mindfulness Educator

Jeff was introduced to mindfulness at a young age and has always had a passion for contemplative and introspective practices. In 2008 his interest and practice of mindfulness…
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