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Find qualified outside service providers to deliver mindfulness programs in your school.

What is a Certified Instructor?

A certified instructor has undergone a minimum of 300 hrs of training in our Mindful Teacher Year-Long Certification Program and has had their teaching evaluated by Mindful Schools. Certified Instructors have made a significant commitment to the theory and practice of mindfulness in education.

How Do I Use This Directory?

The first way to use the Directory is to search for instructors in your region. You can also search by age ranges worked with (e.g. K5) and specializations (e.g. autism). Reading instructor biographies will give you an even better sense of who is the best fit for you.

Note: We do not conduct criminal or personal background checks on Certified Instructors. This is the responsibility of the schools or agencies hiring them for services (the vast majority of schools and youth service agencies are already mandated to do background checks on all employees and contractors by law). Mindful Schools is not liable or responsible for any actions of the Certified Instructors listed here. This directory is meant to be a resource for those seeking mindfulness services for youth populations. If you choose to use the directory, you do so at your own risk.

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Marta Donahoe


Asheville NC USA


About My Work


  • Classroom Teacher
  • School Administrator


  • 6th-8th
  • 9th-12th
  • Higher Ed
  • Other


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I specialize in Montessori programs, as well as teacher education and professional development.


Marta Donahoe has studied mindfulness, formally and informally, for 10 years. She holds an MEd and is the executive director of CMStep. She was the founder of and program coordinator for Clark Montessori Jr & Sr High School. For 18 years Marta coordinated the development and implementation of the middle and high school Montessori program at Clark Montessori. She studied organizational development and Flawless Consulting with Peter Block and consults with Montessori schools all over the country. Marta has a master’s degree in Education from Xavier University. For 34 years she has taught ages 6-Adult and holds AMS credentials for ages 6-18. She is on the editorial board of Montessori Life and serves on the board of the Avanti Montessori Charter Management Organization. She is a frequent presenter at Montessori conferences and has published a dozen articles in Montessori journals.