How to Eat More Mindfully

“I usually eat an orange by just shoving it in my mouth because they’re so delicious.”

Today, try engaging all your senses and paying full attention when you eat something delicious. Let these elementary students guide you through it.

Thank you Greater Good Science Center for your partnership in creating this video!

Mindful eating is a lesson in our research-backed Mindful Schools K-12 curriculum. Have fun adapting this lesson with a raisin, an orange, or a chocolate chip.

Can you try to remember to take one mindful bite at your next meal? Try this fun, mindful activity with your students––in your virtual or hybrid classrooms, or at home.

Take a deeper look into this lesson and access science, strategies, the Mindful Schools K-12 Curriculum, and more resources to bring mindfulness to your classroom in our 201: Mindfulness in the Classroom course. Mindful Schools has trained over 60,000 educators to bring mindfulness to school settings.

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